Stars of the Week 1st July 2022


Asafe- For settling into Year 1 so well and always trying his best with his learning. He has been working really hard with his speaking and can now say good morning in English. Well done Asafe.

Emma – For working really hard with her English writing. Emma has been using her checklist to ensure that her sentences make sense. She has become more confident with her writing. Great job Emma.



Maliaka- for her constant positive attitude to learning. She is always a super role model to other children and shows kindness to others in the classroom and on the playground.

Jayden- for coming back into school with determination and a positive attitude after being poorly this week. Jayden came back to school ready to learn and created some detailed work in English.



Angelina – for her stunning recall of information about religious figures in RE. Well done.

Hashir – for expanding sentences with additional detail in writing. Amazing work and presentation.



Jana and Anaya for their incredible independent writing in English and reading with wonderful expression in guided reading and when reading one-to-one with adults in the room. We are all so impressed.



Shanice – has settled well into class as a new member. She is confident, funny and so helpful. Shanice has been helping others to learn even though she is new herself. So well done Shanice. 

David C– New to ASH class, settled in well, forming some friendships. Walk in everyday with a wave and a smile. Even though David is not confident yet in communicating in English, he makes every effort to communicate.

Wahajuddin– showing so much persistence in class. He is displaying an excellent attitude at all times and making good progress in his numeracy and literacy skills. Well Done Wahaj.



Sherri Lee – for her hard work and persistence in all her subjects. 

Baye Primus – For settling well into Beech Class and always trying his best.



Nicole and Natalie – For showing incredible curiosity and creativity in Music, going that extra mile in their learning and being brave enough to stand up and show others their skills.




The whole class for their incredible team work during our mini project lessons.They all celebrated each other’s work and encouraged each other to try their best.



Benjamin, – for demonstrating wonderful pro-social behaviours, great group work and positive language this week. We’ve really noticed that he’s been working hard in his behaviour. Well done.

Riley – for being the perfect role model, both in the class and on the playground. He is able to block out distractions, work hard and still have fun at school.


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