Stars of the Week 18th November 2021

Stars of the week 18th November


Alex – for having exceptional behaviour and showing and using the school values well. Well done Alex.

Reagan – for working really hard with her English learning, despite having a few days off. She has also shown great kindness to adults and her peers. Well done Reagan.


Sarah- for her hard work in English. She has shown lots of persistence in her sentence writing and letter formation. Well Done Sarah.

Myles- you have really impressed us with your reading this week. You are working hard at home and at school and trying hard to become more fluent in your reading. Keep up the good work.


Odin – for trying hard across all the lessons, especially Maths. You have shown persistence and lots of effort in understanding and applying strategies for counting money.

Evia – for being an amazing desk partner, showing kindness and support to your peers. You’ve also been working hard during your independent tasks and helped others and this is fantastic to see.


Jamie- For making amazing behaviour choices in lessons this week and trying really hard to work independently. 

Alizta- for having a great first week at Central. You’ve tried really hard to settle into the routines of the classroom.


Zara – for being much more confident in class and sharing her ideas. We have been so impressed that you are making sure to ask for your help when you need it and being persistent with your work – well done.

 Daniel – for confidently sharing your ideas in different lessons, especially maths. Well done for working so hard on your fluency, recall and independent tasks every lesson.


China- For her participation and effort during our Maths lesson this week. You have worked extremely hard to participate during class discussions alongside working independently on completing the tasks. 

Lauren- For her kindness towards others. I am so impressed and proud of how you have supported a new member of Apple class so that she feels settled.


Dorsa – for her incredibly hard work she has been doing this week and concentration in lessons. Dorsa has also used great vocabulary and Oracy in lessons applying her knowledge and learning to different situations.


Kacper- For his fantastic, positive attitude to work, he has tried to challenge himself in every lesson and produced some fantastic work in Maths, Science and English this week.

Rida- For all her hard work in Maths and pushing herself to conquer the expanded column method in multiplication- Well done Rida.


Shannon- for working so hard and always being up for a challenge, keep it up!

Ty- for his persistence in maths and for excellent discussion in English. Well done Ty!


Indelah – Indelah for taking responsibility for her learning, thumbing in and being such a positive learner. Keep it up.

Natalie – For being such an enthusiastic scientist during our Space and Earth unit, displaying her knowledge beautifully both orally and on her notebook. 


Richards and Amelia L – for making incredible progress on our first proper swimming lesson. They were brave, worked super hard and are becoming really confident swimmers.


Benjamin – for being more courageous and asking for help when he needs it. Well done.

Beau – for working tirelessly on his times tables to become much faster and more fluent. Well done.

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