Stars of the week 18th March 2021

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

Ivy is star of the week for being so amazing in her very first week at Central Primary.  She has settled in the classroom routine so quickly and made some friends too. Well done, Ivy!

Alexander is star of the week for overcoming his fear and taking the risk to climb the green dome in our play area. You are becoming more courageous every day! You did it! Well done, Alex!

Acorn Class

Myles – For making really sensible choices all week and making all the teachers really proud. 

Malaika- For always trying her hardest in her lessons and for having a great attitude. She is also amazing at tidying up and will help all her friends.

Conker Class

Sarah – For always displaying fantastic effort in every lesson! It is so lovely seeing Sarah’s confidence developing everyday! Sarah always has a smile on her face! Keep it up Sarah! 

Jayden – For always being brilliantly well behaved! Jayden tries exceptionally hard in every lesson and his blending in Phonics is really improving! Well done Jayden!

Maple Class

Ebenezer- For being a lovely kind and caring member of Maple class. Your manners this week have been lovely and your kindness towards your friends has been wonderful to watch!

Eli- For your great writing this week. You have been working so hard on your letter formation and your phonics and we have been so impressed! Well done!

Mulberry Class

Vihaan- For working independently in Maths and trying his hardest in all lessons this week.

Diana- For being a great role model within the classroom and for always being ready to learn.

Pear Class

Arthur- For showing amazing enthusiasm and participation during the RE lesson this week. You shared so many great ideas and showed great thinking skills!

Owais- For his increasing independence in class and completing more work on his own!

Pine Class

Anamar- For her amazing effort and knowledge about Time! You impressed everyone in Pine class with your fast time telling skills!

Dennis and Thea- For being persistent when making 3D shapes! They kept on going and helped each other. Well done for brilliant team work persistence and kindness.

Apple Class

Umair – For his enthusiasm sharing his ideas with the class and persevering with his work.

 Luca –  For showing curiosity and thumbing in with relevant ideas in class discussions.

Ash Class

Shaya-Jayne – for showing a positive attitude towards learning this week, completing work in her books and being helpful with the new girl who recently joined Ash class.

Abriyah – for her conscious efforts to complete work in all the lessons. She has shown improvement in her written work, managed to focus, avoid distractions during the lessons and complete good quality work.

Rida-  for her detailed end products written in History and Science.

Beam Class

Ali – Incredible persistence in each lesson. For the last two weeks, you have shown an amazing work and positive attitude towards your learning. You don’t give up even when you are unsure of your answers. What a great value!

Athvik – Ms Stamatiou and me are extraordinarily proud of how you manage your feelings. You know different strategies that make you feel calm and put them in practice at any moment. I can see a huge progress! Well done!

Jada – The effort you put into articulating your thoughts within the lessons when sharing things verbally is mind-blowing. A variety of vocabulary, complex sentences and lexics, and of course, pace when speaking. Thank you for showing us such a high quality of oracy in lessons.

Jessica – Your enthusiasm and high quality of work continue even after lockdown. You have strived to go above and beyond in your writings and work without complaining and that is the reason why each piece of work you have done has been extraordinary and delightful to read for me. Keep it up!

Beech Class

Advika- Excellent work in Science. She demonstrated amazing knowledge and was able to present this in a beautiful way. Well done!

Prince- Improved behaviour this week. He has been thumbing in quietly alongside waiting patiently. Well done!

Walnut Class

Tehya – For fantastic and imaginative narrative story writing in English.

Tanush – For being fully engaged in every lesson and producing amazing work all week.

Willow Class

Toviah- For being incredibly curious towards most subjects and moreover, becoming confident in sharing his knowledge with his peers. You seem to enjoy learning and sharing with others and we want to celebrate that. 

Zaki- For coming out of your shell, starting to share things with a smile on your face, being honest when you are unsure but still wanting to try and explain difficult concepts with the best of your ability. Great persistence!

Wisteria Class

Sethila- for his input in class which has really impressed us in English. He always has amazing ideas and is getting more confident in sharing them in class.

Wasif- He has put in a huge amount of effort into his work since returning to school and he just gives 100% especially his enthusiasm to work since being back.

Chestnut Class

Sanuka – Because I have seen a massive improvement in his writing. He has tried very hard to practice and use correctly every core skill that we have worked on. Not only that, he has also started producing a fantastic two page spread in History, recording loads of important information about WWII.

Grace – Because she is an incredible role model and is showing how ready she is for secondary school. She is mature, responsible, a good friend, has incredible resilience and overall just wonderful!

Oak Class 

Karim – for taking an active interest in WW2 and completing further research into it to progress his own learning.

Aoife – for implementing strategies independently in class to help with her learning and understanding.

Forest Class

Kaja – For her enthusiasm for sharing her ideas in class discussions.


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