Stars of the Week 17th March 2022


Welbeck – For trying really hard with his writing. He is ensuring that his letters are formed correctly and is trying hard to keep them on the line. He is making very good progress. Well done Welbeck.

Lillian – For working really hard with her writing. She always uses her phonics chart to help her with her writing. She also ensures her letters are formed correctly and are sitting on the line. Well done Lillian. 


Sarah- for her super writing this week. She has independently used expanded noun phrases without any prompts. Keep up the great work.

Agnes- for her amazing attitude to work this week. She has been doing great listening within our phonics and guided reading sessions which has meant Agnes has become more confident in her reading.


Vihaan – for being much more focused and ready for learning in all the lessons. You have been able to focus on an adult selected task most of the time and that is a great progress to see. Well done. 

Julia – for putting extra effort in your work and staying engaged when completing your task. This has helped you finish your tasks in time and you showed a great attitude to your learning. Well done.


Rick and Alitza- For doing so fantastically in our phonics this week. You’ve done an incredible job and it’s made such a difference to your reading and writing


Elsa – for being much more confident in class and sharing your ideas clearly in an audible voice. You have also been much more independent and persistent in your learning.

Aahil – for ignoring distractions and demonstrating pro-social behaviour. We have been really impressed with your attitude to learning and improved focus.


Haris- for working hard on demonstrating pro-social behaviors. You have been polite to others and controlled certain behaviours. Well done.

Saad- For working hard on his writing. You have constructed the sentence independently, using your tricky words and implemented your phonics knowledge. 


Momina – for her kindness to help and support others around her during the tasks. She always finds the time to support her friends to lead them to understand and finish the tasks.

Arthur – for his effort in the school and at home. Arthur goes above and beyond in his spellings and phonics in order to become better.


Shaya – For showing good effort in her work in the past few weeks and participating in class discussions particularly in Science.  Keep it up Shaya.

Vivaan – For being a hardworking and focused student and always putting a lot of effort into his work.  Vivaan takes advice on board to improve the standard of his work.  A role model and Superb student. Well done Vivaan.


Ali- For being so persistent in learning your lines for our Romeo and Juliet performance, you have amazed us all. 

Samih- For being an amazing director and helping out so much with our class performance, well done. 


Whole of Willow class for an amazing drama performance. For weeks, we worked very hard together, encouraging others, making props and bravely taking on the challenge of Shakespeare and Willow absolutely nailed it. What a show.


Tehya -for finding the confidence to ask for help when you’re not sure in maths.  Well done.

Maeve – Was picked by the whole of Chestnut Class for being such an amazing friend, a great role model and for always checking everyone else is okay even if she isn’t feeling great herself.


Krisha – for always being kind, hardworking and putting a smile on the teacher’s faces. A true asset to the classroom.

Ernestina – for excellent work in her Spanish lessons. She has made sure she has completed all of the work and understood it. Well done.

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