Stars of the week 17th June

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

Adedapo for being able to retell The Very Hungry Caterpillar story in detail.

Alexandru for being so caring with the ducklings and making sure we are silent so they can sleep!

Acorn Class

Kemal for thinking carefully about what he would like to take to space and then writing his ideas down clearly. Kemal remembered his finger spaces and full stop. Great work Kemal! 

Amaad for working really hard to recognise the missing numbers and then find one more and one less than a given number up to 20. Well done Amaad! 

Agnes for amazing segmenting, blending and writing in Phonics. Agnes has been working really hard on her letter formation too. Well done Agnes!

Conker Class

Sem – For showing a massive improvement in sentence writing. Sem is now beginning to write sentences with finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. 

Elisabeta – For being a fantastic role model! Eli can always be trusted to set a good example to other children and always has a smile on her face!

Maple Class

Zee- for showing great enthusiasm in lessons this week and being excited about all your learning! 

Vincent- for being so engaged since coming back and asking for more work and trying your best even though it’s harder using the wrong arm!

Mulberry Class

Ayman- For his amazing piece of extended writing. He took his time to edit and improve his work. Well Done!

Zunaira- She has been enthusiastic to thumb in and answer questions. I am so impressed with your oracy skills this week!

Pear Class

China- You have amazed us with your effort this week!  You’ve completed so much wonderful work in English and Math!

Saad- For your effort and work this week and working well with your table partner.

Sion- You have shared some amazing ideas during our lessons this week and have also given great explanations for all your answers! Great job!

Pine Class

Sienna- For joining in with all class discussions, working really hard and producing brilliant work all of the time! Well done!

Dennis- For working incredibly hard on his handwriting and presentation of his notebooks. We are very proud of you! Well done!

Apple Class

Vanessa – for consistently persisting with independent tasks and confidently thumbing in across a wider range of lessons!

Toffee Apple table – for being kind and supportive of each other, and for working collaboratively to ensure their science experiment was a fair test!

Ash Class

Alex -using a broad and complex vocabulary in his speech and sharing fantastic synonyms in English, this week.

Hooria and Diamond- for their high level of engagement with ideas across all the lessons and fantastic oracy skills.

Beam Class Ana – for her willingness and determination to use the hand that has been hurt the week before. Even with a bandage, she tried her best to write with this hand so that the muscles in her hand don’t become weaker. It takes lots of effort and willpower to do this. We are utterly impressed Ana!
Beech Class Prince- For working extremely hard this week. Not only do you constantly participate in lessons, demonstrating excellent oracy skills. But, you have remained focussed during independent learning alongside producing good quality work! Well done!
Walnut Class / Wisteria Class Akinsa- For her fantastic writing in our comparison unit. Akinsa has excellent sentence variation and really considers the reader.
Willow Class / Wisteria Class

Krisha – for her excellent understanding in Maths and for challenging herself by talking her learning through with the teacher and her peers. 

Ralphael- for being an excellent learning role model for others and showing a brilliant attitude towards all subjects

Chestnut Class

Paruja – Not only Paruja is an absolute delight to have in the classroom all the time, Paruja has blown me away with how quickly she has understood the trickiest part of Algebra this week. This shows the great journey that Paruja has had throughout the year and the incredible progress she has made in Maths.

Latif – He has worked extremely hard this week in Science, focusing on his presentation and producing a beautifully neat double-page spread. As well as that, in our topic Evolution and Inheritance, Latif has been asking really good questions showing his curiosity and love for learning.

Oak Class  Ali and Shrutik – both of you have written very good recounts of your puppet show day. They are both personal, funny and very well constructed. They are excellent pieces of writing. Well done!
Forest Class Elizabeth-you have demonstrated great maturity when contributing to whole class discussions. I have been really impressed by the questions you have asked and the way you’ve thought carefully about what you wanted to say. Well done!

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