Stars of the Week 16th September

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the Week!


Jasmine – For really endeavouring with her phonics and being persistent. She did not give up and still gave all of her sounds a go. She puts a lot of effort into ensuring that her letters are neat. 


Labeeb- For his efforts in all lessons this week. He is constantly showing active listening and always ready to learn.

Sumaya- For her amazing sentence writing about “The Little Red Hen”. She took extra care to make sure she was using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 


Ayman- for being a wonderful role model to everyone in the class, interested in his learning and fantastic contribution in the lessons.

Noemi – for her curiosity, presentation in her books and wonderful ideas shared in the lessons.

Angelina- for her amazing attitude towards learning, always being ready for the lessons, books presented neatly and great manners!


Lyllia-Rose – for her incredible work in phonics this week on alternative pronunciation, always coming into class sensibly and reading independently and her lovely contributions in lessons this week!

Sufyan-Ali- for his lovely manners around the school, always saying please and thankyou and his great enthusiasm towards his learning. 


Lucas – for showing a good understanding of three-digit numbers in maths.

Zoe – for being much more confident in all of our lessons this week and thumbing in with fantastic ideas.


Lauren and Zuzanna- For their amazing listening skills and attitude to learning. You have both participated in class discussions and listened well to others. In addition, always staying focussed during independent learning. 


Nidhi – for her positive attitude towards her learning: always curious about what we are teaching as well as incredibly engaged in the lessons.

Daniel – for his gorgeous handwriting in all the subjects. What delightful work to read!


Rida- For her fantastic enthusiasm for learning in every subject , every day and also her amazing handwriting and presentation. A true role model to all!

Sethmi- For her bravery in overcoming her shyness and contributing in class discussion and not being afraid of making mistakes, giving everything a try, even when she is not sure. Well done Sethmi.


Jessica- for excellent work in all her subjects, clear presentation and for thumbing in and contributing to all discussions. I look forward to reading her work!

Adnyan- for adapting so well into year 5 despite missing the first week, for his excellent contributions in lessons and for his beautiful presentation in all subjects!


Eugenie – For taking pride in her work, laying out her work beautifully in her notebooks,  being a great role model for us all

Mica – For brightening up our classroom with her presence, settling in well and acing her geography quiz 


Chantelle – for trying her absolute best at all times and keeping a beautiful presentation throughout, as well as being an ever so smiling helping hand.

Akinsa – for being a true role model to the whole class and the school. Always doing what she is meant to, completing all of her work and always looking for a challenge. 


Shannon – for excellent listening skills and English work. She has produced some excellent noun phrases as part of her writing this week.

Arsalan – for demonstrating excellent oracy skills daily, asking very interesting questions and linking subjects across the curriculum.

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