Stars of the Week 15th September 2022


Nadia- For showing kindness to others in class this week and being a super role model during carpet time.

Nicholas- For applying his new learning this week during skills time. He has mastered writing his name and is including this on pieces of his work.


Seth- For being kind to the environment and helping during resetting time.

Nikola- For consistently writing her name on her drawings and art work. 


Dominic – For trying so hard in Science to complete some brilliant work. 

Nivilian – For settling so well into Maple class. 


Ethan – For always demonstrating such enthusiasm and effort in all of his work. Ethan has worked hard to create some amazing sentences adding in adjectives. Well done.

Adedapo – For having such a positive attitude to learning and trying so hard in every activity. Brilliant work. 


Sem- showing such enthusiasm when it comes to his learning and taking pride in his work.

Danny- always smiling and helping others with lots of enthusiasm.


Welbeck – for being persistent. Well for writing a fantastic recount using time connectives and past tense verbs.

David – for being curious and persistent. You are always enthusiastic about your learning and keen to challenge yourself.


Angelina for showing responsibility and maturity towards her class and classmates.

Aun for settling in well into his new class and school. 


Emilia and Aran for showing exceptional behaviour and using a variety of prepositional phrases in their writing.


Diyansa – To settle in the new school perfectly Diyansa follows the rules, adapts to the new routines and makes friends happily with everyone. Your beginning has been phenomenal.

Amara – For settling in the new school perfectly. Amara follows the rules, adapts to the new routines and makes friends happily with everyone. Your beginning has been phenomenal.

Aahil – for your curiosity and great effort as well as your kindness helping others in the class when they need support. You are amazing.


David- for contributing to class discussions and having such insightful opinions. 

Sherri- for being so persistent in all her learning and for working so hard all the time. 


Vivaan – for being inquisitive and showing the school value of curiosity

Nicole – for being a resilient and active learner


Yasin – for always being ready to learn and showing good learning behaviours. 

Pranavi – for always persisting with her work. 


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