Stars of the week 15th July

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

All of Sunflower Class.  We are very pleased with  all of you for working so hard and trying your best to learn new things; adjusting to the changes and looking forward to going into reception class in September. We are very proud of you all. Good luck to all of you as you move to reception. Keep up the good work!

Acorn Class All of Acorn class – All the adults have been so impressed with your attitude to learning, kindness and perseverance throughout the year! You should all be really proud of your achievements. Thank you for being amazing. We are so proud of you all! Well done Acorns 🙂
Conker Class All of Conker Class – You have impressed all the adults with your enthusiasm to learn, great behaviour and wonderful manners. I am sure you will all continue to be so fantastic as you all enter Year 1! Well done!
Maple Class All of Maple Class- We have all been blown away by your hard work, kindness and perseverance this year and we can’t wait to see this continue in Year 2!
Mulberry Class All of Mulberry Class – You have all worked so hard this year and the progress you have made has been amazing! We all wish you the best of luck in Year 2 and know you will do brilliantly.
Pear Class

All of Pear Class- We are all so proud of how far each and every one of you has come this year and hope that you can continue your amazing work next year in year 3!

Lauren- You have grown to be so much more independent in the classroom this year! Your effort and progress has been amazing and we are so proud of you!

Corrin- You have always been a kind and caring friend to each and every one of your peers this year when they needed it.  You are an absolutely amazing role model for all students to follow! We will miss you! Good luck on your new adventure!

Pine Class

All of Pine class- It has been an absolute pleasure to teach you all every single day! You have all made excellent progress and have been so resilient and hard-working. I am so proud of you all and you have been a brilliant last class I will teach at Central! Good luck everyone for Year 3! I know you will all continue to grow and flourish! 

Apple Class

Ahmed – for persisting this week with the amazing improvements you have made to your focus, concentration and perseverance in class!

Sara – for being confident working with your table group, thumbing in more often and persisting with multiplication and division strategies in maths!

William – for significantly improving your concentration and focus this week and making sure you thumb in before sharing your thoughtful ideas with the rest of the class!

Ash Class Everyone in Ash Class for being a shining star in what has been an unusual and sometimes difficult year! Well done for all your achievements accomplished in Year 3!
Beam Class

Samih – For the amazing writing work he has done in English. Great vocabulary and high quality use of the structure.

Rayyan – for your amazing effort to improve your handwriting. You have done an amazing job!

Zara k – for your amazing effort to improve your handwriting. You have done an amazing job!

Zara H – for your improvement in handwriting and positive effort during this week. Zara, you have done extraordinary work! Keep going!

Alayna – your work this year has been extraordinary! High quality work with a positive attitude. Your progress has been amazing and clearly, you deserve the star of the year!

Ana – for your pro-social behaviour in the school. You are the best example we can look at when we need reminders of how to be kind and excellent role models. Well done for being you!

Izabela – for your positive attitude towards your learning. I can see how eager you are and happy to get to learn new things which shows how much curiosity you have. Keep this up!

Shannon – for your amazing perseverance and effort during this year. Shannon, what an amazing work you have done and how much you have improved this year. I am proud of your work!

Beech Class

All of Beech Class- I have been so impressed by your attitude to learning this year. It has been amazing to see how each and every one of you have grown since starting Year 4. I am extremely proud of everyone and will miss you all so much. 

Continue to shine in Year 5  and I wish you all the best!

Walnut Class / Wisteria Class Tanush- For always trying your absolute best in every lesson and being a fantastic role model to others. You have bounced into school smiling and ready to learn and approached everything with gusto this week!
Willow Class / Wisteria Class Whole of Evergreen for being amazing, kind, curious, considerate, clever and simply the best. It has been a true pleasure teaching you!
Chestnut Class The whole of the Chestnut class – I just couldn’t pick just one child in our last week of the year. Every single child in Chestnut has worked so hard this year to achieve what they have. They have been a very fun bunch to teach and to get to know and they have matured into wonderful human beings. I wish them the very best in their future!!
Oak Class  All of Oak Class – This year has been an utter delight thanks to the children of oak class. It has been wonderful watching them all progress and become more confident. They are already for the next chapter of their lives and I wish them all the very best of luck. You will all be missed!
Forest Class Elliott-for superb effort throughout our DT project and in our art lessons this week. Keep it up!

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