Stars of the Week 15th July 2022


Welbeck – For trying his best with his handwriting and always putting in 100% effort into his learning. Well done Welbeck.

Roman – For working hard on his handwriting and ensuring that he gets his letter b and d the correct way. Well done Roman.



Aisha- For her amazing listening this week, she has ensured that she has followed instructions carefully so she can create interesting pieces of work. Well Done Aisha.

Jamal- For his amazing resilience this week. Even with a broken bone, he has continued to work hard and practice his neat writing during English. 



All of Pear class for being such a brilliant class to teach, for your helpfulness in the classroom and exceptional general abilities. Well done to each and one of you for great efforts, resilience and kindness shown to each other this year. 



All of Pine Class for being such a fantastic class this year. You have been an absolute pleasure to teach and it has been incredible seeing you all make such fantastic progress in your learning and confidence. I’m looking forward to seeing it carry on in September when we become Apple Class



Whole of ASH class for adjusting so well to change since April after their last teacher had left, building a relationship with the new class teacher and blowing her away with their individuality and excellent attitude to learning. What a pleasure it’s been…



The whole of Beech class students for being a wonderful class to teach.  We have passed through many challenges together and succeeded in overcoming many of them. Well done to all your efforts this year, you all have made great progress and should be proud of yourselves.



The whole Beam class for the amazing Sports Day: engaged, competitive, kind and persistent even when they didn’t get points or win. Your determination was very noticeable.



Shraavya and Nicole- For being part of an amazing choir performance and for all their hard work and dedication towards it. The hard work paid off.

Ana- For being confident and sharing her beautiful piano skills with us this week, we were all so amazed by the talent. Keep up the hard work Ana.



Alex- For being an outstanding example of our learning superhero, Fizah Forgiveness

Eugenie- For being an excellent learning superhero herself. You have shown us how far a strong and independent girl can go. 



The whole of Chestnut class – all of the teaching staff have loved getting to know you. You have been amazing and we are sure you will incredibly well in secondary school. 



The whole of Oak class – It has been a delight getting to know you all over the past year. You have all overcome a lot of progressed incredibly well over the past year. We wish you the best of luck for Secondary school.


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