Stars of the week 15th January

We are all blown away by the hard work everyone is doing! The Stars of the week for this week are listed below! Congratulations!

Sunflower Class

Nour-For creating an amazing peacock collage out of leaves.

Alexandru H-For trying different activities throughout the week.

Alexander-For his enthusiasm for all the activities this week.

Viraaj-For engaging in all the activities set throughout the week.

Acorn Class

Kemal – For making an amazing plan of his volcano collage, including  writing lovely, clear labels 

Georgia – for submitting amazing work on Google Classroom all week

Conker Class

Andy – For completing every activity brilliantly this week! Andy has presented every single piece of work neatly! 

Areesha – For trying her best with the home learning this week! Areesha’s work always puts a huge smile on my face!

Maple Class

Jana- for completing 100% of her work this week and always making sure it’s incredibly well thought out.

Eli- for her fantastic videos she is showing us of her lovely home learning! Keep up the hard work at home!

Mulberry Class

Ayman- For giving 100% in his Google Classroom work!

Moiz- For his persistence in all of his Google Classroom work, he is not letting his broken elbow stop him giving 100% effort.

Noemi- For submitting all work that she is set and doing it to such a high standard.

Pear Class

Haris- For giving 100% effort in all of his Google Classroom work and engaging everyday.

Viktoriya- For showing improvement in her work on Google Classroom and always trying her best to complete most of her work.

Pine Class

Harshan- For working so hard to present his work beautifully and engaging every day.

Elsa- For excellent independence in Maths and completing lots of assignments!

Aahil and Zoe- Ms Farcas has been really impressed with the work you have been uploading each day.

Apple Class

Arthur – for his ICT skills and perseverance in all of his work this week.

Gaurave – for his presentation, amazing effort in all work, engaging politely in the comments and asking questions when he is unsure.

Daniel – for his polite comments, beautiful presentation and consistently putting a great deal of effort into all of his work.

(We were also very impressed by the videos Daniel and Gaurave uploaded for dance!)

Ash Class

Sheena- for always having beautiful presentation in her work

William – for his fantastic effort in all his work

Rida – for submitting fantastic work in all the subjects and showing persistence

Beam Class

Jessica- For trying her best in every single lesson and being engaged in Google Classroom. Well done!

Zofia- For being confident enough to ask for help when she needed it and trying her best, especially in Maths. Well done!

Beech Class Whole of Beech class for excellent work on Google classroom. Well done for the level of engagement and for completing the work at an appropriate standard.
Walnut Class

Ryan for his fantastic work in Science, a really thorough investigation with lots of photos of his work.

Maeve for her persistence and giving every piece of work a try, even when the work was tricky.

Whole of Walnut class for excellent work on Google Classroom and increasing engagement every day!

Willow Class

Julia for working hard with great thoughtfulness which is showing in the improved quality and presentation of her work.

Daniel who returned 100% of his work last week. It is always good quality but he still responds to comments, corrects any mistakes and puts suggestions for improvements into practice . His engagement on Google Classroom is outstanding!

Wisteria Class

Amalia for working incredibly hard on both her home learning pack and on Google Classroom. I especially liked the rainbow you created using toy cars! And for guessing many correct letters in our hangman game on Google Meet!

Shay for completing his work on time and making sure it gets to me even when using Google Classroom can be tricky. He has adapted really well and continues to be positive about his learning. Well done!

Tushita for continuing to present her work so beautifully and having high expectations of herself and her learning.

Sethila for always asking questions when he is unsure and working really hard to complete all of the work on Google Classroom with great results.

Chestnut Oak

Muhaammad and Emily for the same reason. They work extremely hard to try and complete everything but not only that, you still see through their comments how polite, helpful, kind and encouraging friends they are. 

Amin for his excellent Science assignment this week. Children found learning about the circulatory system very tricky but Amin stood out for his incredible work, learning all the journey that blood follows and learning all the key vocabulary!

Lyndon for his incredible perseverance in home learning. Lyndon had made outstanding progress while we were at school and I am so proud and impressed to see that he is still very passionate and committed to his learning at home.

Oak Class 

Rares for excellent perseverance in maths, ensuring that he asks questions, takes on feedback and edits his work multiple times to ensure he is producing excellent work.

Aradhana for superb work in English. She has taken on board all feedback and made sure she has understood exactly what she needs to do before doing it.

Shivanshi for an excellent rendition of ‘the cup song’ where she both performed the percussion and sung at the same time in an excellent video.

Forest Class

Mya for always giving 110% in her learning. I have been really impressed with how much Mya is challenging herself to complete the apply and reflect tasks, especially in Maths. Mya’s work always makes me smile when I read it! 

Elliott for writing a fantastic simile poem and demonstrating excellent creativity this week. Elliott is always enthusiastic about the tasks set on Google Classroom and completes his work to an extremely high standard. Well done!

Red Group

Renford- For being such a positive role model to the younger children and working hard in Phonics sessions.

Carys- For her hard work in phonics and writing this week and being a caring friend to others.

Blue Group

Anaya- For finishing all her work, using a sensible voice, showing persistence in her work and being kind towards others

Luke- For completing his work, showing persistence and curiosity towards various activities at school and engaging with his special project.

Green Group

Ava – Being so independent when doing the work in the morning at school. She is incredibly engaged and doing an outstanding work.

Aoifa – for trying to do fluency and other tasks quicker than before. She is very independent and a really hard-working member of the Green group! Well done!!


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