Stars of the week 15th April

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

Lilya is our star for making new friends and being kind and caring to her friends.

Alexandru is our star of the week for making good choices at school and following instructions during learning.

Arthur is star of the week for settling in well after half term and participating with enthusiasm in all activities at school.

Adam is star of the week for being confident to speak and being engaged in activities.

Acorn Class Emma and Mihails – Both these children have been really kind friends all week and have worked really hard in all their activities.They have impressed all the adults. Well done!
Conker Class

Andy- For excellent drawing, labelling and sentence writing about the ‘Tiger who came to tea’. Well done!

Sumaya- For fantastic Maths skills and estimating the length of a given item and then checking if she was correct. Well done! 

Maple Class

Jessica- For working really hard on her independent learning this week and her wonderful work when identifying shapes and repeating patterns in Maths this week

Quinn- For her wonderful oracy skills across all lessons and not being afraid to share her ideas. Also, for her wonderful collection of adjectives she shared with the class during English lessons this week.

Mulberry Class

Odin- for his persistence with his phonics this week! 

Zunaira-For settling into Mulberry class so well. She has already picked up our rules and routines and has been a great role model!

Pear Class

David C- For working at developing more independence in the classroom to complete his work in all subjects. Great job!

Lauren- For working at developing more independence in the classroom to complete her work in all subjects. Great job!

China- For improving her handwriting skills and starting to join her letters beautifully!

Pine Class

Sofia- For working so hard to present her Maths work beautifully and for making so much progress with number knowledge. Well done!

Alice-For working so hard in every lesson, every day! Well done we are very proud!

Daniel- For making huge amounts of progress with all of his work. We are so proud of all of your efforts. Well done!

Apple Class Daniel, Nidhi and Kelly for being incredible role models in Apple Class. You are always ready to learn, showing curiosity in our lessons, persevering with your work independently, and showing kindness to everyone in our class.
Ash Class David H. and Zain for fantastic efforts and contribution in the lessons. This week, both of them engaged actively in the lessons , thumbed in and shared some great and relevant ideas. They showed consistency and perseverance in their learning.
Beam Class

Ali – Your huge effort put into your work this week and your incredible prosocial behavior have made my week. Ms Stamatiou and me are extraordinarily proud of your progress and we hope this continues forever.

Ana – There is nothing I can say about your kindness and what a role model you are for the class. Plus, your excellent effort to produce better work in each subject has been amazing. Well done Ana!

Summaya – Following the reading, working harder and harder in Maths and flying through your timetables knowledge have been extraordinary. What a great week you have had Summaya!!

Beech Class

Szofi- Excellent work in English. You have demonstrated excellent knowledge and understanding shown in our vocabulary lessons. Well done!

Hope- Really good effort in grammar. You were able to participate in our class discussions well. Also, for the consistent demonstration of green behaviours. This was shown by consistently listening to others well and being ready to learn. Well done.

Walnut Class

James- For returning to school so ready to learn and enthusiastic! You have engaged so well and your participation in every lesson is such a fantastic example to everyone! Well done James!

Tehya – You have made such a huge effort in class this week in every lesson and you have produced some excellent work. Your artwork this week was especially brilliant! Well done Tehya!

Willow Class

Melvin – Making brilliant progress in maths and English and working extremely hard to keep learning. We can all learn from your persistence!

Joe- The kindness you show during play times and PE when you work in groups/with a peer is wonderful to witness. Your empathy towards others is something we can all learn from.

Wisteria Class

Benjamin – For his amazing Maths work produced this week. The adults in the classroom are so proud of your work!

Chris – Your excellent knowledge of the Industrial Revolution in History left us speechless. Well done Chris!

Chestnut Class Tayub – He has been an absolute superstar this week. He has worked in every single lesson to the best of his ability. He has listened intently, he has been focused, persistent and overall being an incredible role model to the whole of Chestnut Class.
Oak Class  Hits and Aurora – this week in RE we have been discussing negative and positive energies. Both Hira and Aurora have so much positive energy and they put it into everything they do as well as brighten up the classroom. Well done both of you.
Forest Class Yusuf – for showing great behaviours for learning this week with a positive attitude in all lessons and perseverance in his maths. Well done!


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