Stars of the Week 14th October 2021

Stars of the week 14th October


Mihails – For his attention to detail in his handwriting. Mihails always checks that his ascenders are tall and descenders are low. He takes pride in the presentation of his learning. Great job Mihails! 

Lillian – For her persistence with her writing skills. She is now able to form her letters correctly. She also uses her phonics to help her with her tricky spellings. Well done Lillian! 


Eli- For her amazing writing this week. She has made sure she is re-reading her work as well as consistently including capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Keep up the great work!

Isa- For his resilience with his writing over the past few weeks. He is making great progress with his letter formation. Well Done!


Christiano – for his fantastic oracy skills and engagement across all the lessons. You have impressed us with your great understanding of properties of materials in Science.

Anaya – for her incredible work and presentation in all her books. She works hard in all the subjects, shows pride and care for how presentable her books are and is able to go back and check her work.


Zee- For your incredible enthusiasm in Science this week. Well done! Your questions and excitement really got the class motivated

Yusuf- For your great levels of concentration and curiosity during lessons. You always show such excitement towards your learning and it’s great to see!


Kevin – For your fantastic listening, sharing ideas, showing curiosity in your learning, and being persistent in your work. We have been so impressed and it is a joy to have you in Apple class!

Iqra – For your kindness, patience and forgiveness towards other children! You are really understanding of other people’s feelings and how to respond to them.


Briana- For always trying her best and being ready to learn by having your books ready and your desk in immaculate condition. I am also impressed by your confidence in articulating your ideas and how you are feeling. Well done!

Emi- I am impressed by your attitude to learning and how you do not get distracted by others around you. You work incredibly hard to listen and follow instructions carefully. This was evident in our DT lesson. Well done!


Tiffany – for her concentration and commitment this week in Maths. Tiffany has worked extraordinarily hard keeping focused on her work.

Momina – for her kindness and being the chain that kep the whole table on task and feeling supported. Momina has been helping a child to putting the ideas on paper and ensuring others do their work too.


Luca- For excellent work in RE, you showed a great understanding of the Hindu festival of Pongal and produced a beautifully presented piece of work.

Jayden- You always try your best and have a really positive attitude to learning. Every day you arrive with a smile and are kind and helpful towards others. Keep being an excellent role model!


Zofia- For excellent work in guided reading all the time! She has excellent ideas and contributes to discussions all the time. Keep it up Zofia!

Ali- For amazing work in maths! Ali is so persistent and works hard when he does not understand something. Well done Ali!


Zain – For chancing his attitude towards learning into a positive one, bursting with excitement to learn and spreading that positivity around him

Alfie- For being an eager learner, articulating his positive emotions and letting others know how well they are doing


Ojasvi – For having a wonderful attitude to her learning and work. She is full of questions and ideas and wonderful knowledge.

Andrei – For undertaking the role of a teacher and helping the year 5’s with some origami work. He was fantastic. Well done. 

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