Stars of the week 14th May

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

Davi is star of the week for always making good choices and being a role model in his family group.

Alan is star of the week for being kind to his friends and very helpful in the class.

Acorn Class

Liam – For trying really hard to interact with other children in Reception. Well done!

Georgia – Esi -For working really hard on her segmenting and blending in Phonics. Excellent!

Harleen – For working really hard on her own creation and explaining these to adults. Good work Harleen!

Conker Class

Sofia – For a fantastic week! Sofia is always really busy in skills time. She has tried exceptionally hard with her blending and segmenting in Phonics! Good work!

Esah – For trying really hard to thumb in to share your own ideas and answer questions. Esah’s confidence is growing everyday which is lovely to see. Well done!

Elisabeta – For always trying her best. Elisabeta tries exceptionally hard in every activity and this is evident in the work she produces. Keep it up!

Maple Class

Lenny- For making good choices this week and making sure he is thumbing in at the right time. You have shared some great ideas and are showing how engaged you are! Well done

Marius- For sharing some fantastic ideas in English and your great models in D&T. Your thumbing in and contributions are great and it’s lovely to see you grow in confidence

Mulberry Class

Anaya for her amazing work in science this week and for always being so polite to teachers and peers.

Arthur for his effort in phonics and reading. He has grown in confidence when blending words together. Well Done!

Pear Class All of Pear class for their amazing work in English writing their own shape poems!
Pine Class All of Pine class for their amazing work in English writing their own shape poems!
Apple Class

Tiffany for working hard to edit and improve her extended writing newspaper report!

Matthew for showing prosocial behaviours, working hard and having an amazing week overall!

Ash Class

David I.- for some insightful contribution in English.

Prajith – for showing a positive attitude in the class, being kind, polite and complimentary to the adults.

Joshua- for putting lots of efforts in writing  his final product in English.

Beam Class

Ali – Megan – Summaya – Muhammed – Ty

All of them deserved to be the star of the week for the outstanding effort in Guided Reading and Maths. After lunch, they show their enthusiasm by sitting down in the class during the soft start and do some work collaboratively. It’s amazing how perseverant they are! Well done!

Beech Class

Lois – for her growing independence in all her subjects, and for kindness in the class and the playground.

Alex – for his enthusiastic attitude every morning, and his cheerfulness every day.

Walnut Class

Ryan- for his hard work in English this week and for working well in group work and supporting and listening to the other members of his group.

David- For his growing maturity in learning and persistence when work is tricky.

Willow Class

Joe- For thinking outside the box and helping us to get there too. 

Melvin- For working incredibly hard, every day, in all subjects.

Wisteria Class The whole class- For working really hard this half term and challenging their learning.
Chestnut Class Julia J and Lili-Anna – They have both had an excellent week in our Maths Lessons. They have really enjoyed our work with angles and have shown incredible attention to detail, accuracy and reasoning skills!
Oak Class 

Rafael and Rares – Both of them have excelled in their maths this week in constructing angles and drawing triangles. They work diligently and thoroughly to ensure what they are doing is correct. Well done!

Forest Class Kaja- for excellent oracy contributions during our discussions this week. Well done!

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