Stars of the Week 13th January 2022


Welbeck – for endeavouring with his handwriting and trying to copy the words written. He was able to copy and write the word cat, sat and mat this week in his English learning. Well done Welbeck.

Sofia – for settling into school so well and making some strong relationships with adults and her peers. Sofia always has a smile on her face and puts in 100% into everything that she does. Well done Sofia; I am proud of you.


Kushal- For settling into Mulberry Class so well this week. He has been able to follow our daily routines and has put effort into all of his learning.

Alisha- For her great contributions in our English lessons this week. She has also been working hard to be more independent during notebook time. 


Ayman, Angelina and Steve for outstanding effort , behaviour and work ethic in all the lessons. 

Each and every one of you have been a great role model to the whole class this week.


Jana- for being an incredibly kind and caring partner this week and working really hard on your teamwork skills.

Shayan- for your contributions in lessons. Your confidence has been great this term already and it’s been so nice to see. Your poetry reading in English was wonderful. 

Josephine- for your wonderful concentration and motivation in maths. You are really persisting with your learning. 


Benjamin – for your independence in Maths lessons. We have been so impressed with your effort and understanding this week.

Edward – for showing curiosity in all of our lessons. You are always so keen to learn and to share your knowledge from all the books you read with the rest of the class.

Jayden – for being much more positive and persistent this week. Well done for being ready to learn, showing initiative and taking pride in your presentation. 


Michonne – for always being ready to learn and keeping a positive learning mindset. Well done.

Emi – for being consistently kind throughout and despite change, well done.

Manasvi – for always helping her peers, well done.


Furqan – for reading and listening to instructions between transitions. You allow the class to be calm and ready.

Nidhi – for always being enthusiastic and eager to learn. You read, listen and help the class to settle between times.

Prisha –  for the amazing choices of reading when we change subjects. I have been impressed by the amount of maturity you have shown this week.


Jayden and Olivia for their fantastic work in guided reading. They have worked so hard to be more confident readers this year and their had work has paid off brilliantly. Their understanding of a tricky text is excellent and their written answers are showing great insight and comprehension skills.


Ty- For excellent work in maths, being persistent, thumbing in and sharing his ideas and for his overall brilliant effort in his learning. 

Aminah- For having such an amazing attitude towards her learning, for being hard working and dedicated and for being an excellent role model to her peers. Keep it up.

Alisa- For an amazing first week at Central and for settling in so well.


Kristi – For working incredibly hard on writing and reading. You have really exceeded yourself this week, keep it up.

Yarah- For being a kind, caring and responsible friend to all. 


The whole of Chestnut class for their hard work, resilience and helpfulness when dealing with lots of changes over the last couple of weeks.


Ojasvi – for being brave and performing a ballet routine to the class which she made during her own time. Well done.

Arsalan – for always trying his hardest to improve across every single subject. 

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