Stars of the Week 12th May 2022


Esah – Always being curious and asking and answering questions about bats. He has used his knowledge about bats to help him write some wonderful headings. Well done Esah.

Jasmine – For creating a wonderful self-portrait, using sketching pencil. She looked at the shapes of her face and looked to see where she could add lines just like Picasso. Well done Jasmine.



Labeeb- for his amazing curiosity in learning and for always being a super role model to the rest of the class. 

Huda- for her effort and persistence in writing this week. She has been trying hard to ensure she is using capital letters and full stops in the correct places. Keep up the good work.



Arthur – for consistently pushing himself in his learning and having an enthusiastic approach to his learning every day.

Amira – for continuing to work well independently and showing good self-motivation in class.

Vihaan – for his persistence in Maths and accurate work exploring fractions- finding a half and a quarter.



Ebenezer and Yusuf- for working really hard on your writing in English and editing and improving independently. You’ve both worked really hard on reflecting on your feedback. Well done.



Gulsom – for being curious and persistent. We are so proud of you for being much more confident and challenging yourself in your learning.

Stanley – for you fantastic understanding of odd and even. You have been so enthusiastic when explaining how you know and can even work out if Numicon can be halved with your eyes closed.



Zuzanna- usually quiet but has grown massively in confidence. Asking lots more questions, really exercising her curiosity. Zuzanna has been taking more risks in her learning and owning her learning and growing confidence.

Haris- He has been a brilliant example of what Kindness and forgiveness looks like. Not only has he been more focused in his learning but he has really gone out of his way to make other children feel welcome at playtime. What a brilliant example of kindness and warmth and spreading harmony in our year 3 ash classroom. Well done Haris.



Alex – Alex puts good effort into all his subjects and it’s lovely to see how eager he is in his math lessons, always looking for a challenge.  He is also a helpful member of our class.

Sethmi- Sethmi is gradually demonstrating more confidence in class and started reading out loud.  She is a role model in our class and always shows exemplary behaviour.



Ayesha – for referring back to the teacher´s feedback and improve from it. Ayesha has been working hard on some aspects she finds it difficult but her perseverance led her to develop her work considerably. I pretty much enjoy her comments on my feedback too.

Ibtisam – for your hard work and persistence to be better. Ibtisam´s commitment knows no bound and never complains when we need to do more work, he is happy, eager and enthusiastic to improve which led him to speak and communicate more in English. Well done.



Athvik- for excellent motivation and attitude towards his learning. Keep it up Athvik.

Izabela- for being a kind and caring friend and for always putting a smile on everyone’s faces, well done Izabela.



Lois- for not only being the kindest girl towards everyone but showing remarkable patience in swimming.

Lemar- for expressing his ideas boldly, articulating his opinion clearly and asking big questions.




The entire class for working so hard throughout SATs week and showing the schools values of persistence and kindness. In addition to this, the children have coped well with the change that SATs week brings both in terms of tests and changes to routine. Well done everyone. 


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