Stars of the week 12th February

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

Alisha – For paying excellent attention during the lessons, showing curiosity and interest. You are always following class rules by sitting nicely on the carpet and listening to the teacher during lessons.  Well done and keep it up!

Nour – For impressive answers in English.  Well done for using phrasing the answers in full sentences and remembering the scenes from the story. Good work Nour, keep it up!!

Acorn Class

An – For trying really hard with her Maths sums

Malaika – For demonstrating amazing dancing skills whilst participating in Miss Evans’ dance videos

Conker Class

Jamal – For fantastic work all week!  Jamal shows great effort and enthusiasm in all his work but especially in live sessions! Jamal always uploads videos with his work which is brilliant so we can see what he has been doing. 

Kaashvi – For excellent work all week! Kaashvi tries exceptionally hard in all subjects and it is always a pleasure to look at her work both on Google Classroom and Tapestry. Well done!

Barney – For super work! Barney has tried exceptionally hard to complete so many assignments this week. We were particularly impressed by his rhyming ability! Keep it up Barney!

Maple Class All of Maple Class for their incredible work this half term on Google Classroom and in school. We have been blown away by your creativity, hard work and persistence! Keep up the amazing hard work!
Mulberry Class

Christiano-For his engagement in work this week and his persistence in his phonics and English writing. 

Lakshmi- For always putting 110% into her work and working really hard on her handwriting in English and Phonics.

Pear Class

Michonne- For your positive attitude towards learning. You always try your best and never give up when things get tricky.

Emilia- For always working so hard on each piece of work you turn in.  You have such a strong dedication to your learning and it always shows!

China- Showing persistence this week with your work on Google Classroom.

Pine Class

Zoe-For amazing Science and Maths work this week. We have been so impressed with your persistence and continued hard work and effort! Well done!

Hamza- For working so hard to hand write his biography about Rosa Parks! His handwriting was beautiful and we were so impressed with the care and dedication he has shown! Well Done!

The whole class- All of Pine class have worked incredibly hard and shown kindness, persistence and motivation this half term. I am so proud to be your teacher!

Apple Class

David – for sharing his ideas and working so hard throughout all of this half term.

Hope – for her wonderful imagination in her storytelling, thoughtful ideas, and persevering with a lot more of her work this week.

Ash Class

Innaya for her perseverance and her dedication in completing all her work in her books. Also, she has submitted some amazing creative work.

Kayla-Rose – For your amazing piece of creative work. We have been impressed with your hard work and effort you have shown!

William continued to persevere in his work , showing fantastic effort and massive interest in learning!

Beam Class

Nicole-Trying her best at every subject and producing excellent quality of work!

Athvik-Working extremely hard and trying his best to complete every assignment. He has also been reading the instructions and keeping on topic, especially in English.

Beech Class

Alex- Excellent work in guided reading. He has written an amazing poem, which reflects the theme within both the additional text and our guided reading book!

Eugenie- Eugenie has worked extremely hard across all subjects and has produced high quality work! Well done!

Walnut Class

Beth and Maeve for their fantastic work in English, they both have used their imagination to write fantastic narrative stories using some amazing descriptive language and a range of grammatical features.

Amalia for her brilliant work in Science, she has an excellent understanding of chemical changes and has explained all of her ideas and new learning so well, using scientific vocabulary.

Willow Class Beau – Me and Ms Goodman have been struck speechless by seeing how hard Beau is working online. He is extremely active, follows the instructions carefully, tries his best in every single subject and uses creative ways to show his thinking. He truly seems to enjoy learning and keeps positive, even if something feels a bit challenging.
Wisteria Class

Maxi- Excellent effort these last few weeks. Talking us through his thinking and correcting his work using the feedback given. Keep up the excellent work!

Akinsa- Continuing to work incredibly hard across all subjects. Akinsa always turns up to all of the class meets with excellent questions which help support her peers. Well done!

Chestnut Class The whole of Chestnut class – They have absolutely smashed Google Classroom through the six weeks of the term. They have relentlessly worked their socks off and produced an immense amount of work, showing the dedication to their learning!
Oak Class 

Rafael – for taking ownership over his work this week and producing great results. Well done!

Holly – She continues to turn in excellent work across the board on google classroom. It is a pleasure to mark any work that she turns in as I know it will be well thought out and have had a lot of effort put in.

Forest Class Forest Class- We are so proud of the fantastic work you have produced this half term. You have all tried your best everyday and worked incredibly hard. Well done superstars!
Red Group

Hartley- For his incredible work in English this week. He is able to retell our story of Room on the Broom and even created his own interesting characters!

Aria- For being a superb mathematician. She has impressed us all with his number bonds to 10.

Blue Group

Abi – for having a positive attitude to learning, joining in with class discussions, and persevering with her work.

Hope  – for her wonderful imagination in her storytelling, thoughtful ideas, and trying hard to have a go at a lot more of her work this week.

Green Group The whole of Green Group – This week they have played beautifully together (children from Reception to Y6, which is not always easy) and it has been lovely to see how everyone was included!
Purple Group

Ioana- Ioana has worked really hard this week, listening carefully to the instructions and then completing lots of the work independently. Ioana is very helpful in the classroom too!

Peter- We are incredibly proud of Peter this week. He has shown a mature attitude to his learning and has been very helpful to the younger children in Purple group. Well done Peter.

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