Stars of the Week 11th November 2021

Stars of the week 11th November


Esah – for being a great role model to his classmates. Esah is always listening when an adult is speaking and engages well with the learning. Esah has produced so great learning in English this week using adjectives to describe the fruit from the story. Well done Esah!!

Lily – for working hard with her phonics learning. Lily has grown in confidence and can recognise more sounds independently. She is able to correctly identify these sounds in different words. Well done Lilly!


Khalil- for his persistence in his phonics and reading. We is now becoming more confident to sound out and blend words when reading with an adult. Keep up the good work! 

Ava- for her amazing writing for our story “Miss Turner’s Surprise”. She included lots of exciting adjectives and worked hard to make sure she was using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 


Noemi- for always striving to do her best in all the lessons. Well done for always being willing to share your ideas with the rest of the class.

Steve – for his amazing oracy skills and thumbing in with lots of ideas in English. Well done for being confident to share your ideas with everyone!


Ralphie- For your wonderful singing in Music this week and trying really hard to work independently on your writing

Rick- For your hard work in our phonics sessions and using all your knowledge within your wonderful writing. You’re working really hard on making sure your sentences are really clear and well structured. 


Giovanna – for settling into Apple class really well this week. We have been so impressed by how well you have learnt our rules and routines and how hard you have been working!

Abdul Mannan – for being a fantastic role model in our class. You are always ready to learn, showing kindness to others and persisting independently with your work – well done!


Zuzanna- For your incredible English work. You were able to carefully select adjectives for your character description alongside creating three paragraphs by yourself, which was presented correctly. Well done!

Saad- For your incredible effort in lessons. You have persisted in your work even when you have found it challenging. I am also impressed by your attitude and eagerness in lessons so much so that you want to continue it at home. Well done!


Fatma- for her perseverance and commitment to go over the language barrier and work the extra mile to make progress. The adults in the classroom are so proud of you Fatma!

Aaron – for his determination and hard work at home. Aaron works hard at school but even harder at home doing more and more independent homework. A role model!


Marina- for working so hard on her Racing to English and always trying to make progress.We are proud that every day she is becoming a more independent learner!

Irina- For being a great role model to others, always coming to school with a smile on her face and a positive attitude to learning every day!


Adison- For taking greater responsibility in the classroom, showing others how caring and attentive he can be 

Pranavi- For working very hard on her times tables, the whole of Willow is very impressed by her skills in Times Tables Rockstars!


Sofia – For being an incredibly sensible, helpful, polite, patient member of Chestnut Class. She also works really hard in every single lesson and really cares about her learning which she shows with her pristine presentation. 

Sethila – For being able to overcome a little learning hurdle in Maths. Sethila is a brilliant mathematician and loves numbers but is starting to understand the concepts and what is behind the arithmetic methods that he so loves!


Maxi – for having a wonderful curiosity and a love of sharing what he has learnt at home. Also for always trying his best ion every subject. It is clear that he always wants to do his very best in whatever he is working on.

Toviah – For being very mature in his interactions with peers and adults. He has very insightful answers and questions and shows that maturity in all of his work. Well done. 

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