Stars of the week 11th March 2021

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class All Sunflower Class for settling in so well and being excited to join in all activities.
Acorn Class Jasmine and Amaad –  for working really hard all week, especially in your phonics sessions. You both have had such a positive attitude!
Conker Class Jasmine and Amaad –  for working really hard all week, especially in your phonics sessions. You both have had such a positive attitude
Maple Class

Jennifer – for trying her best to work independently this week and working really hard on her phonics sounds 

Yusuf- for the incredible concentration and effort you’ve shown this week. Your Phonics and Maths work has been wonderful and your positivity cheers the whole class.

Mulberry Class

Ethan- For his amazing sentences writing this week, he has persisted with his handwriting and is trying to form all of his letters perfectly!

Julia- For always being a role model to the other children in the class, her phonics this week has impressed all of the Mulberry teachers.

Pear Class All of Pear class have returned to school and settled in so well!  They have put forth so much effort towards our whole school project, and I have enjoyed seeing all their faces back in the classroom. 🙂
Pine Class All of Pine class! For settling in back to school so well! It has been an absolute pleasure to teach you every day this week! Keep up the amazing effort and hard work!
Apple Class Rafaela and Umair for coping well with change, settling in, and working really hard this week!
Ash Class

Khalipa- for having an amazing first week in Ash class, settling in really well and having a significant contribution in our class discussions.

Irina- for her impressive attitude towards learning and exemplary behaviour. She has shared fantastic ideas every day and has all the adults in the class!

Beam Class The whole class for how incredibly well everyone settled with their return. Each of you adapted to the school rules again and engaged positively with the book.
Beech Class

Zain- Great attitude to learning. He has been proactive with his learning and has shown great engagement with reading! Well done!

Adrian- Excellent effort across all learning. He has worked extremely hard alongside demonstrating good behaviour!

Walnut Class

David: For his fantastic efforts in Dance this week and giving 100%. You were so proud of your persistence and so were we! Well done!

Maeve: For your growing confidence in writing, you have been working so hard with your spelling and made huge improvements in your written work. Well done and keep up the great work!

Willow Class

Arianah: For growing more confident and independent, sharing her opinions proudly and brightening our day in Willow. Keep it up!

Anvee: For improving magnificently with her handwriting, which is better than what it was before lockdown. In addition, being an absolute star in football, well done for your persistence!

Wisteria Class Akinsa and Shriya – These girls have been true role models of outstanding behaviour, perseverance and love for learning. They have shown incredible focus and resilience in every single piece of work we have done.
Chestnut Class

Muhammad – For always joining in class discussions and his creative work for the ‘Inner self’ portrait

Grace – For her beautifully presented and very informative R.E work.

Oak Class  Ritu and Nathaniel – for an excellent presentation on how to look after our planet and animals. They spoke loudly and clearly to the whole class, made eye contact and engaged the audience fantastically. Well done both of you!
Forest Class The whole class. Every member of Forest has settled in so well with a positive mindset and great behaviour for learning.


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