Stars of the week 10th June

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

Adam is our star for being a role model in his family group and always listening to his teachers.

Lilah is the star of the week for thinking of new ways to solve Maths this week.

Acorn Class

Rhaiya – for amazing problem solving skills in Maths. She was able to share items fairly and explain her thinking. Well done “Rhaiya! 

Isa – for working really hard to retell the story ‘Peace at last’ using the actions too. Great work Isa!

Conker Class

Roman – For brilliant acting in English. Roman confidently acted out the entire story to his family group. Brilliant acting skills! 

George – For excellent participation during Phonic lessons. George has thought of some superb words with different sounds in! He has impressed all the adults in the room with his thinking. Well done! 

Sonia – For fantastic effort in Maths. Sonia was trying really hard to share items fairly. Brilliant work Sonia!

Maple Class

Paris- For his great work in English this week retelling the story we have been working on, creating great images and trying brilliantly to work on his own.

Jennifer- For her great work on Money this week and working independently and much quicker.

Mulberry Class

Amira- For her amazing work in Maths this week. She has been thumbing in and answering questions all about money and has completed her work to a super quality. Keep it up Amira!

Rayan- For his effort in all subjects this week. He has been eager to complete his writing in our English sessions and has persisted in Maths to complete the consolidate questions! Well Done!

Evie- For settling into Mulberry Class so well this week. She has fitted right into Year 1 and worked so hard. Great work Evie!

Pear Class

Sion- For your continuous participation in each and every lesson.  You are always thumbing in and sharing such great ideas and opinions with the class!

Viktoriya- You have put so much effort this week in all of your Artwork for Art Week! Well done!

Pine Class

Amie- For being very kind, helpful and hardworking. We are very proud of your efforts!

Elsa and Zoe- You worked so incredibly hard for your Arts Award Discover. Well done putting in so much effort! 

Iqra- Your portrait of Rosa Parks was absolutely incredible! Well done for working so carefully to produce an excellent piece of Artwork!

Apple Class Gaurave and Luca for your attention to detail and putting a great deal of effort into all of our activities for Art Week. Furthermore, you have shown curiosity, independence and persistence in your learning across all lessons.
Ash Class

Olivia, Shaya, David, Luca and Rida for their persistence and brilliant artistic skills shown during Art Week, especially in Finger knitting. They amazed me everyday with the effort they continued to put even at home to create spectacular knitted creations.

Vivaan for working to a high standard all week in reading the Time in Maths. He has furthered his knowledge of TIME, completed tasks accurately in a short amount of time, showed commitment to finishing even the challenging tasks and being an inspiration for everyone.Well done!!!

Beam Class

Maya – Not only for your passion shown during Art week with the incredible pieces of work you have done, but also and more importantly for the support you have given to other children. You helped to improve painting skills and were the role model in a variety of situations for your friends. Well done!

Adnyan – For your positive attitude towards each piece of work during the Art week. Even though it is not your favourite thing to do, you showed determination, perseverance and good attitude which led you to produce amazing pieces of work! Well done Adnyan!

Beech Class

Mohammed- For working hard on your handwriting. You have been persistent and made such an effort to join your letters, which is evident in your work. Well done!

Sasha- For working hard in lessons. You have been thumbing in and sharing your ideas with the rest of the class. I am further impressed by your understanding in our guided reading lessons and for your continuous effort! Well done!

Walnut Class / Wisteria Class

Rachel for working independently more often and persevering in her learning, especially in Maths.

Peter, your work in English this week has been so good as a result of the amount of extra effort that you are putting in.Well done!

Willow Class / Wisteria Class

Maxi for using the strategies taught to regulate his emotions. This has enabled him to remove the barrier to his learning and we have seen huge success! 

Heloise for settling so well in her new class, becoming more confident in sharing with her peers and being a kind and considerate friend.

Chestnut Class

Julia J – For putting some much detail and care in her Art projects. She does love Art and has thoroughly enjoyed this week. She produced some beautiful pieces that she should be really proud of!

Harry – For starting to master his fluency skills. I have noticed a huge change in the morning while doing his Maths. He seems to be able to recall more loads of the things we have learnt in the past. As well as that, he has been much more focused in his work lately too!

Oak Class 

Saiesha – for taking ownership over her own learning. She is taking more proactive work to her spellings and reading at home to help improve her learning. Well done!

Lily – For wonderful engagement and work across the curriculum. Lily creates excellent pieces of work in every subject which are always beautifully presented with care and attention given to them. A true role model. Well done!

Forest Class All of the children in Forest Class-for amazing effort and engagement in all of our art activities. We have been so impressed by your creativity. Well done!

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