Stars of the Week 10th February 2022


Kushal- for being such a role model in his listening and learning these past few weeks while other adults have been in the Mulberry classroom. Keep up the good work Kushal.


Arthur – for always trying your best and never giving up on your work. Moreover, your behaviour and general attitude towards learning everyday are exemplary. Well done. 

Evie – for the progress that you’ve been making in reading and ladders. Well done.


Sufyan- For working SO hard in Phonics. It’s been so lovely to hear your sounding and blending of the words that are often very tricky. Well done.

Kanishka- For really working hard on your independence in class. Your number understanding in maths has developed so much over this half term and you’re doing brilliantly. Well done.


Sienna – for your consistently positive attitude to learning. We are so impressed by how you always want to challenge yourself and take your learning further.

Giovanna – for working incredibly hard and becoming more confident speaking in English. Well done for all the progress you have made and being so keen to learn.


Sion- For his amazing effort and understanding in English. You were able to identify similes, alliteration and expanded noun phrases and integrate those features in your tanka. 

Shahid- For being an amazing partner. You have been kind, considerate and patient towards your partner when helping him with his tasks. It is great to see how caring you are towards him. 


Beam Class – for the enormous hard work and curiosity they have shown over this half term. The effort has been extraordinary and the progress noticeable. Well done Beam.


Macy – Impeccable behaviour, trying hard and focussing in class.

Prajith – Improved concentration, working hard and staying on task.


Aarya- for an excellent first couple of days in Walnut class and for some amazing contributions in maths. 

Alayna- for excellent knowledge of fractions in maths, keep it up. 


Hadisa- For producing beautiful work in all her notebooks and growing in confidence.

Adison- For beginning to take greater responsibility of his learning and finding ways to improve his concentration to help him focus on his studies 

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