Star of the Week 7th October 2021


Andy – He has worked hard with asking and answering questions in all lessons. Andy has been really active and engaged and always wants to share his answers/ ideas with the class. Well done Andy 

Esther- Has produced some fantastic learning in her maths with the number ‘6’ this week. She has written equations using numicons and showed me all the different ways to make ‘6’. Well done Esther! 


Sonia- Sonia has been working hard this week to become more independent. She has created some amazing pieces of work!

Aisha- Aisha is always a perfect role model to all of the other children in Mulberry Class. She works hard in all lessons and follows all rules and routines brilliantly!


Diana – for her attention to detail and care she shows towards her work in all the lessons. The quality of your work is outstanding! Well done!

Syna – for her generosity, kindness and positive attitude towards learning!


Kanishka- Well done for your wonderful work and persistence in phonics this week and for trying really hard to write your sentences using your sounds and following our sentence rules. Also for your wonderful work during extended writing. We all know how hard you have been trying and it’s been lovely to see.

Ebenezer – For your amazing work in Maths this week. You have used all the resources and strategies available to you to answer some really tricky addition questions. Well done!


Fuji table – Lucas, Abdul Mannan, Aahil, Sofia, Newsha and Benjamin – for being amazing role models for the rest of the class! You are kind, ready to learn, and persistent. It is lovely to see how well you work together as a group.


David C- For his good listening skills and participation in English and Maths. You have demonstrated your understanding well and remained engaged during discussions. Well done!

Jeron- For your engagement in our lessons. You constantly try your best even when you are unsure. I have seen your confidence grow and am so impressed by your attitude to learning. Well done!


Ahmed – for his kindness by helping out a child in the classroom to settle in and explain some of the activities. It is delightful to see so much kindness and friendship in the classroom out of his own heart.

Prisha – for the effort she makes to always do a bit more in her answers and writing. Prisha is never happy with a short answer, but she continues to improve her writing and ideas to make them better. I love to see her persevering and putting so much effort in her work.


Ines – For her persistence in Maths and working hard to become a more independent learner. 

Kacper – for his fantastic work in science and great attention to detail, using all the key words correctly. 


Zara.K- For her excellent work in English this week. Her characters for her narrative are so creative and I look forward to reading her writing every day! Well done Zara!

Sarang- For his hard work and persistence in all lessons. He brings joy to Walnut class every day and we will miss him very much! Good luck Sarang! 


Yasin – For being a keen learner, showing his enthusiasm towards learning and being an excellent model for learning to others 

Ilja – Making a huge change with his attitude to learning, bursting with enthusiasm to learn and share his knowledge as well as encouraging others, giving positive feedback regularly to his peers 


Amalia – For her incredible writing in English. She puts some much attention and detail into every single word that she writes. Her vocabulary and her sentence structures are so intentionally chosen, it makes her writing truly gorgeous.

Yasmin – For being an incredibly kind member of Chestnut class, not just to peers but also to adults. She has also started to speak up a little bit more and she has been doing amazingly at Maths too – so incredible progress overall!!


Amish – for amazing use of knowledge learnt in lessons which informs his creative work. He has created some wonderful ideas that when presented are clear and humorous.

Nikola – for always being a ray of sunshine in the class. She is kind, caring, helpful and hardworking. 

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