Spectacular Science at Central

There has been some fantastic Science learning taking place at Central over the first Half term. The children have been so enthusiastic and excited about the experiments that they have been carrying out. The topics this half term have focused on Everyday materials, forces, light, states of matter and electricity.   


Children have been given concrete resources and physical objects to use in Science. This has allowed children who have a more visual approach to learning to understand the learning in a different way.


We have been so happy to see how much passion the children have for science. They love making Science practical and finding out new ways to test and check things. The children have been making various predictions based on their topics.

Children have been introduced to new vocabulary in Science and teachers have been repeating the key vocabulary words to consolidate the understanding and meanings of key Science vocabulary and language. Year 1 have learnt different properties of everyday materials and have been exposed to words such as transparent, rough, bumpy, stretchy, waterproof, dull etc..


Displays in Central are visual and accessible for the children. They always have key information and key vocabulary words for the children to access during their learning.

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