September 2020

Central Primary is preparing for a full opening in September 2020. You can find a lot of information about the full opening from this website. 

Please remember that attendance is mandatory. You will have to follow the normal attendance procedure to inform the school office of any absences.

The first day of the Autumn Term is Monday 7th September 2020. See you then!

Parent and Carer Webinar

Health and Safety

Information pack

We will be sending all the parents and carers an information pack specific to their class and group on the 3rd or 4th September. This will include the start and finish time as well as a picture and map of the gate that they will use. Please make sure you read the pack carefully before the first day of autumn term. 

Transition Support

Please visit the transition website for transition information. 

SEN support

We will continue to support all the pupils with Special Education Needs. Our SENCO, Mrs Perry, is available to discuss any concerns.

We will continue to host SEN and EHCP reviews remotely due to restrictions outlined in our Risk Assessment. 

Recovery Curriculum 

The Recovery Curriculum Document will outline our approach to teaching and learning in the next academic year.

The S.W.A.N Principles

As we move towards school re-opening, we wanted to outline our guiding principles for how to move forward through this transition as smoothly as possible. As a school, we will be adopting the following imagery and acronym: Safe Welcoming All together Nurturing. The SWAN principles underpin the school’s Recovery Curriculum.

A few other useful links below.

Summer Activities

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