Science enquire in Year 3

Do people with longer legs jump further? This is our Science question in Year 3 which leads us to carry out a practical investigation. Interesting predictions, clever ideas and clear explanations were made in our last lesson, today we had our second part, the actual investigation. In small groups, children are using fair testing scientific enquiry where in small groups they measure their jumps. The collaboratively work was astonishing, monitors made sure their position was correct, the jump was valid as both feet should remain today when landing, the child who wrote down the measurement was very engaged and concentrated to not miss anything and the whole class were developing their oracy skills by using a wide range of vocabulary. It certainly was a fun lesson where children enjoyed, got engaged and more importantly, learned effortlessly.
We can´t wait to carry on the exploratory work to compare, identify patterns and find out the answer to our big question. We will keep you updated!

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