Science at Central

Science has always been such an important part of learning at Central and this term is no exception. All around the school our pupils have been working like scientists to explore and learn about the world around us. 


This term is all about animals and life cycles. As part of their learning about life cycles, Reception have had some special visitors and are excited to see the results when their caterpillars emerge from their chrysalis. They have also drawn and written their own life cycles. They have also planted their own seeds and are looking forward to seeing the results. 

Year One

Year one have used their writing skills and have made their own animal Top Trumps identifying and comparing the characteristics of different animals. They have also been drawing scientific diagrams identifying and labelling the parts of plants.

Year Two

Year two have also been learning about animals and their basic needs to live and have produced some wonderful notebook work comparing the similarities and differences between the needs of different animals. 

Year Three

Year three have been learning about plants and have identified the different parts of plants and their functions, carefully observing xylems in celery stalks. They also used their observational and plant knowledge to sort and identify different kinds of plants and have even acted out the life cycle of a plant from tiny seed to full grown plant!

Year Four

Year four are learning about animals and their habitats and identifying the different characteristics that enable animals to survive in different environments and how these environments meet their needs to live. They have have begun to use classification keys to identify which animal would be suitable for each environment. 

Year Five 

This term in year five we have been  comparing the life cycles of different living things. We have been using our research skills to find out about and compare the life cycles of different insects, amphibians, birds and mammals. 

Year Six

Year six have been inspired by the work of  Carl Linnaeus and have been using the outdoor areas to collect leaves which they have identified and classified. They have also been using their working scientifically skills to find the answers to some ‘big questions’!

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