School Diversity Week

Last week, Mr Beach posted all about Equality and Diversity at Central Primary School. We are so proud to have such a diverse, vibrant community. 

This week, all year groups either at home or at school took part in the Just Like Us ‘School Diversity Week’. We are pleased to announce that Central was part of a phenomenal 1.8 million pupils, school staff and people from organisations across the UK signed up to celebrate Diversity Week!

We saw a range of activities from making identity flags, making rainbow cakes, listening to stories and gathering data on family diversity and having meaningful discussions about gender diversity, family diversity and the Black Lives Matter human rights movement. 

Mr Beach was also excited to join Ms Zimmatore and Miss Brito to discuss equality and diversity in its many forms and how we can represent a range of identities, cultures, and beliefs in our writing curriculum for next year. 

Thank you to everyone who shared all of the amazing learning via Twitter and for the positive feedback we received. We are looking forward to continuing the work we are doing to explore equality and diversity with your children at school soon. 


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