Safer Internet Day

Last Tuesday, 9th February Mr Perulero asked the whole school for advice of how to stay safe online. I must admit I was just flabbergasted with their responses. It was greatly overwhelming how the whole community of children came together with a wide range of ideas, advice and work which showed all the teachers how enthusiastic our pupils are and of course, how much they have learned about e-safety a crucial topic in our lives.
Our children, once more, came up with creative ideas such as making colourful posters, sketching, and drawing to represent the advice, showing their computational skills by using Google Slides and create a presentation, filming themselves teaching the “SMART” rules in e-safety, recording themselves and other giving advice, writing neatly some advice, reading e-safety stories and more… This is just a bit portion of what I received and from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your eagerness, hard work, creativity, and enthusiasm.
Mr Perulero

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