Remembrance Day

This week we saw children from across the school pay their respect for Remembrance Day, a day that is celebrated every year on the 11th November. Like many around the country, we observed a 2 minutes silence to remember service men and women who have or are currently bravely serving our country. 

Many classes undertook activities to create their own poppies. These were then displayed around the school and classrooms.Year 3 created their own poppy wreath and displayed this on their classroom door. EYFS used different media to create one giant poppy. 

Children also learnt about the history of the poppy and read books and poems on the subject of Remembrance. Year 4 looked at the story “Where the Poppies Now Grow” by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey and Year 1 read the story “Ava’s Poppy”. 

Forest class linked remembrance day to their English learning and followed instructions to make their very own tissue paper poppy. Classes also watched videos to learn more about Remembrance Day and how this is commemorated across the country. 

Children have also had the opportunity to purchase poppy appeal wristbands and badges to wear around the school. It was also lovely to see children and staff proudly wearing their poppies on coats, jumpers and cardigans.

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