Religious events in April

The last weeks have been filled with programme of activities to allow our children to learn about recent Jewish and Christian festivals. The cycle was started off with a visit by a pirate in lycra, who came to tell us about the Jewish festival of Purim; Rabbi Aaron  returned to Central again this week with his guitar,  to help Year 5 explore the festival of Passover with Year 5 before leading  our KS 1 Assembly on the same theme. 

To explore the most important Christian festival of the year, Years 2, 4 and 6 have explored various aspects of the Easter story with the support of Watford Schools Trust, while Years 4 and 5 returned to St John’s Church to learn more about the Last Supper, the significance of Good Friday and Easter Sunday through an engaging session with Father David. Years 1 and 3 visited Derby Road Baptist church to find out about the disciples’ surprise when unpacking a hollow Easter eggs allowed them to experience the disciples’ surprise that Jesus was no longer in the tomb, while our Nursery children enjoyed a two part visit by the family worker from the now newly refurbished St Mary’s Church. 

In the coming weeks, we are looking forward to sessions on the forthcoming Ramadan season, and to visits by representatives of the Watford Humanists.

A very warm thank you to all our visitors for bringing wonderfully engaging lessons to our school.

Y1 visiting Derby Road Baptist Church

KS1 assembly with Rabbi Aaron

KS2 assembly with Rabbi Aaron

Y4 learning about the Easter story

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