Reading Recommendation Round Up

Since joining Central in September, I have had some fantastic conversations with many children about some of their favourite books and we have, in turn, made some great recommendations to each other. Just this week in our online Celebration Assembly, I asked upper key stage two children to raise their hands if they have been reading lots over the half term and before I could even finish my sentence, all I could see was a sea of hands covering every inch of my computer screen.  I have been thoroughly impressed by the children’s love of reading and commitment to it.  However, even more than this, I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the children talking animatedly about their books as though they have been transported to magical faraway lands, times and places.

This made me think about some of the books that I thoroughly love and that have transported me wholeheartedly into the world of the book.  Although it is incredibly hard for me to choose just a couple, I have attempted to pick two of my favourites to share with you.  I hope you enjoy these books as much as I do.

That Rabbit Belongs To Emily Brown by Cressida Cowell

Where do I even begin with this book?  It is such a beautifully written tale about a magical friendship between Emily Brown and her favourite toy rabbit, Stanley.   The pair, both love to go on adventures together but it all goes a little wrong when the Queen decides she would like Stanley for herself and sends for him to be stolen.  The Queen soon discovers that you can’t make someone else’s toy your own and Emily rescues Stanley whilst teaching that naughty queen a valuable lesson. What I love about this book is the choice of words, the way repetition is used to create rhythm but most of all I love the way each page is filled with such charming characters that invite you to get into character with voices and actions to really animate the story and engage the listeners.   This is a must read and the fact there are a few in the series makes them even better.  To any of the classes at Central, please let me know if you would like me to come and share this book with you, it would be my absolute pleasure.

The Spider and the Fly by Tony DiTerlizzi (Mary Howitt -Poet)

I have always enjoyed reading this poem by Mary Howitt but after buying the special 10th anniversary edition of this tale, I found myself unable to put it down and wanting to share it again and again with everyone and anyone who would listen. Mary Howitt had originally written this tale for her own children about those who use sweet words to hide their not-so-sweet intentions.  What I love most about this version is quite simply the stunning illustrations which match this classic poem so beautifully and help the reader really bring the words and characters to life. I think my favourite character has to be the petite dragonfly in flapper attire (complete with fringed dress, long gloves and flower-petal parasol) that is enticed into the Spider’s lair.  I’m sure if you pick up this book and have a closer look, you too will love this books also.


by Mrs Wright (English Lead)

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