Reading at Central Primary

At Central Primary we read every day! We read during lots of different lessons but we also have specific Guided Reading lessons where we focus specifically in learning to read fluently and developing our skills to understand what we read.  Every year group has a set of core books that they immerse themselves in during the year. The books introduce children to different types of children’s literature and give them an opportunity to get to know some children’s novels really well.

At least twice a week (sometimes more often),  the teachers spent time reading out loud in class. Enjoying a good book, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, is a great way to spend time together. The books we read also spark of great conversations about the themes of the book.

We have been fortunate to be able to get a lot of quality books into our school. Every classroom has a book corner, but we also have a corridor library and the 100 books book challenge (which we can hopefully restart soon with) are also available around the school.

We send a reading book home every week and we recommend that pupils read at home five times a week. Whenever you do read at home, make sure to write it down in the pupil planner, so that the teacher knows it as well.

This week we have also been very fortunate to have the Book Fair at school. This is yet another great opportunity to get children excited about books and reading!

This is what some of our pupils say about reading:

“I like reading because books are interesting.” Sabeeha in Year 6

“I like reading information books because I like learning new things.” Edward in Year 2.

“I enjoy reading because I hear more stories that I can use my imagination for.” Megan in Year 4.

“I like reading because it’s really good and we learn stuff.” Aria in Reception.

We love to read at Central Primary. We hope that you enjoy it as well. 


We would encourage everyone to continue reading next summer! You might want to look into this year’s reading challenge and take part! Visit the website for more information:

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