Ramadhan Under Lockdown

With the world the way it is, we have all be affected in some way or other: our children aren’t in school, our jobs may look different, we are confined within our homes. And for Muslims around the world, the month of Ramadhan is here and unlike any they have experienced before. It is a time in which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, and then get together with families and friends in the evening to eat and pray together.

However, much like the world’s Christian and Jewish communities had to adapt for their Easter and Passover celebrations, the 1.8 billion Muslims around the globe must do the same. We know that many of you within our community at Central will also have to adapt to fasting during lockdown.

As a Muslim myself, I will be having home-dinners rather than mosque-dinners, staying in to save lives, taking a nap in the day (yay!) and having Zoom chats with my family and friends, who I’d normally be seeing in person. With one of the key messages of this month being selflessness, I believe we can all care for others by doing our bit to stop the spread of the virus.

If the lockdown continues for longer, then Eid – the celebration at the end of Ramadhan – may be a homely event too, but know that when restrictions are lifted, the feeling of coming together will be so much better. You could also do an online Secret Santa Eid!

As a teacher at Central, I speak on behalf of the staff to say that we are here if you require anything during this time – be it in relation to home learning or otherwise – and we hope you all have an uplifting, joyous and (most importantly) safe Ramadhan.

Mr Jaffer

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