Rabbits in Year 4

Year 4 continue to be greatly enthused by “all things rabbit”. Since the arrival of our second Lop Rabbit, Teddy, children have been finding all sorts of excuses for needing something urgently from their personal trays and have enjoyed watching their two new friends play with and groom each other. 

Rabbits are very sociable animals, and having a friend has helped Snuggles be less lonely at night. In turn, his new playmate has been fun for Teddy, as he lost his buddy at his previous home and was very sad before moving from Norfolk to Watford.  Teddy has settled quickly into the noise of our classroom, but does not like travelling in the car and can thump his hind legs when he is scared or does not want to do something. Whereas Snuggles is always up for a pat and poses readily for Rabbit Club member and lunch time visitors alike, Teddy is not keen to be touched and likes to hide away behind his enclosure to get some privacy. All of us are learning to give him the space he needs, and to respect his boundaries.

In the next academic year, it is likely that Teddy and Snuggles will spend winter and spring at Miss Rieger’s house, to avoid transporting them to and from school in cold and wet weather. They may still occasionally visit, however, and will then come back to join next year’s Year 4s in the Summer Term, when we no longer require our carpet space for class input. 

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