Portraits from the Past

This week, Year 2 were set the task of choosing their favourite Famous Historical Briton to complete a portrait.
We were so proud of their efforts and they were completed to a very high standard! We saw a range of Famous Historical Britons from Henry VIII, Queen Victoria, Olaudah Equiano, Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. It was also lovely to see so much knowledge being shared via Twitter as one member of Y2 explained lots of interesting facts about the Tudor Monarchy. Year 2’s developed  awareness of the past and the lives of significant individuals from a range of different time periods is a key part of the KS1 History curriculum and will support them as they carry on their History learning into KS2. 
In addition to the amazing historical knowledge, Year 2 have shown how well they have developed their creative skills this year. We saw some very thoughtful use of colour and tone. The close attention to detail was very impressive. 
We also enjoyed seeing families come together to take part in this learning together. Collaboration, sharing and supporting each other are wonderful learning behaviours. 
Well done Year 2 for all of your creativity, knowledge, collaboration and hard work. We are very proud of you! 

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