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EAL Training

Central Primary School has approximately 80% EAL learners on role and we have a wide and varied experience with working with children learning English as an Additional Language. Central Primary works as part of a local cluster of schools to provide English as an Additional Language training and support. Throuogh the EAL network group we can provide the following training and support for schools, teachers and support staff working with EAL pupils, including those new to English and England.  

Staff Twilight INSET Training (£250 per INSET, 1 hour 15 minutes)

  • EAL friendly classrooms
  • Supporting New to English (N2E) pupils
  • Assessing EAL pupils and planning for their provision in mainstram classes

This training includes the EAL networks assessment criteria for new to English pupils which can be linked to local assessment systems. Training will be provided to the entire staff and is a great way to provide an overview of EAL friendly provision to whole schools.

  EAL Training Day at Central Primary (£100 per staff member per day)

  • Spend a day at Central Primary experiencing EAL provision in our school
  • Training on EAL support
  • Support with assessment

The next EAL training days are listed on our training dates section. Please email to book a place on an EAL training day.

  New to English (N2E) Assessment and Progression Grid

  • Provision of EAL assessment and progression grid and training for 1 member of school staff

  First Language Assessments and support (Costs available on request)

  • Initial first language assessments and support (Range of Languages)

  Bespoke EAL packages to suit your school/ training needs (Costs available on request)

  • New to EAL leadership support
  • Classroom practice development

 Please contact the school’s office on 01923 225129 or email if you would like more information about any of the training/ support we can provide for EAL learners.

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