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Our Mission statement: Every Child is Central


Our vision is to equip our young people with the skills and knowledge needed to enable them to be lifelong learners who are successful in the 21st century.  We aim to do this by providing challenging, creative, inspiring and fully inclusive learning experiences in which everyone’s needs are considered, diversity is valued and all achievements are celebrated.

It is our role to build on the children’s experiences and provide life enhancing opportunities so our young people become empowered, mindful citizens who are ambitious and strive to succeed.  

We put children at the centre of everything we do.   


As a school we have chosen the following as our school values:


Children learn to understand what these values look like and how we can demonstrate in them throughout our daily interactions, behaviour and curriculum.   We believe that these values will provide a set of skills and attitudes that will prepare our children for the modern world.  

The values are represented by super hero characters. The characteristics are used with younger pupils however with older pupils the learning behaviours are discussed without necessarily referring to the characters.

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