Non-Chronological reports in Y2

Over the past two weeks, Year 2 have been learning to write a Non-Chronlogical reports. The teachers have been writing about Australia and the children have been writing about China.

We have been joining up learning and making connections from Geography into our writing. 
Below is Ines’ excellent report: 
All About China
Did you know China is part of Asia?
Beijing is the capital city of China.
Most people travel to China by aircraft.
Were you aware that the climate in China is different in each place?
This is because China is a large place. In China there are the Tibetan Mountains.
There is snow on top of these mountains. If you see smoke it’s actually smog.
May and June gas the most amount of sunshine.
Things you can do:
There are many exciting things to do in China, If you like exploring, you can visit The Great Wall of China or
the Forbidden City. You could try fried noodles or shark fin soup! You could also go boating in West Lake.
Nearly everyone in China speaks Mandarin. The vast majority of people speak English.
Well done Year 2 for all your hard work and progress in writing this term! 

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