Music at Central

I once heard Music is the strongest form of magic and never understood the real meaning of this statement until I joined Central Primary School. Music assemblies, lessons working alongside with Voices Foundation charity, strategies in place to learn through the music made me understand the real meaning of the statement and more importantly; enjoy and live it in each lesson when teaching a musical skill.

Working closely with extraordinary experts such as Katie Neilson and Mrs Guthrie taught me how to enjoy delivering this subject to the children. The atmosphere in the classroom with 30 kids leaning effortlessly through singing cannot be explained with words, it needs to be lived inside the classroom so that these 30 voices when they are unison can cast a spell over you. The effort made by every child in each lesson is indescribable and the knowledge they gain is marvellous. How do we know this? Simply with the fascinating and incredible videos our Year-3 children shared on Twitter this week practicing skills such as pitch and phrase.

Our Year 3 children make difficult thinks and tasks look easy because they do it naturally, however Mrs Valean and Mr Perulero can proudly say they were amazed at their abilities to match pitch and identify where the pitch was higher and lower. Both Year 3 teacher took pleasure of watching the videos where our children explained their reasoning and dared to sing even knowing many people would see them in action; that is impressive and that is why we feel incredibly proud of them, they always find a way to impress us!

Social media has provided us with the opportunity to enjoy and check our little one´s learning and on behalf of the staff at Central, we want to thank you parents for sharing your astonishing child´s work daily. That means the world to us!

What has the future got in store for our children over the next weeks?… We´ll see…

Mr Perulero, Year 2 Apple Class teacher

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