Music at Central


Creative Arts, including Music, have always been a big part of Central Primary School and we encourage our pupils to find different ways to express themselves, through a variety of means. This year has been a time for change, for development and new directions and as a Music Lead, I am extremely excited about the future of my Subject. 

When we started to think about what our new Music curriculum would look like in our school, we hoped for a diverse, inclusive, engaging and child-centered approach that would be ambitious and offer our pupils not only the basic skills but the opportunities to take their learning and interests further. Therefore, we have been working hard in constructing a curriculum that is just that. I must also add how over the moon I am that Central Primary School has been able to work with Mrs Baxter, our new Choir Lead, who has ignited a new passion for singing amongst our pupils. 

As an example of our Music lessons in Year 5, Willow and Walnut have been introduced to Blues and learnt more about the historical importance of the genre. Moreover, pupils have worked hard to master the blues scale, using keyboards and other tuned instruments and been fascinated on how our voices can be used to create different sounds in the form of bent notes. The importance of music as a way to tell a story was a prevalent theme which allowed the children to consider the effects one can have by singing and playing for the wider community. 

As Music is a tool which unites people from all around the world, our school wanted to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee by doing something as a whole school to commemorate this special day. Our Dance Teacher, Mrs Stratton, guided the children for many weeks during her singing assemblies so that the whole school was able to perform “Sing” by Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Not only did our school excel in coming together to sing beautifully, but it gave everyone the feeling of belonging, of being part of a bigger whole, which is vital for our ethos and something we all work hard to uphold. 

This Summer 2 Term will also be full of marvelous topics for children to continue on their musical learning paths! The pupils will find new ways to communicate through music, be introduced to new instruments and strengthen their skills in the ones they already know, practice playing and composing as a team and continue examining how music and theater can be combined. Additionally, our school continues to bring pupils together for singing assemblies, where they will enjoy the opportunity to sing with other year groups, and see what a difference their voices make. 

I hope everyone in our community has a musical Summer!

Miss Myllymaki

Music Lead

Year 5 Class Teacher 

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