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Mulberry class have had a busy few weeks settling into Year 1. We have been very busy learning to sit at tables for a longer period of time whilst learning lots of new information.  Below are just a few of the lessons we have been working on.

We started this week learning the story, ‘The Little Red Hen’. and then used shape coding to identify different key elements of the story including key characters and adjectives. Next, we will be moving onto creating interesting sentences using our phonics learning. 

In Phonics, we have been consolidating Phase 2 and 3 sounds ready to start Phase 4 in the near future. We have been working hard to use our phonics in writing and reading and we are all excited to start Guided Reading in the next few weeks. 

For Mathematics, we have been focusing on building upon children’s previously taught knowledge of numbers. We have been busy identifying missing numbers on number lines whilst counting forwards and backwards and identifying one more of a given number using a 10s frame for support. 

In PSHE we have started the unit of ‘Being Me in My World.’ We have had a circle time where we discussed different areas (both in school and outside) that we feel safe in. We then drew and labelled pictures of these places ready to stick into our class book. It was so lovely to see the vast amount of places children feel safe in:  from the classroom, at home in their bedroom to in a jacuzzi.

In RE, we have begun using a new scheme called Discovery RE. We will be exploring the big enquiry question for Autumn 1 of ‘Does God want Christians to look after the world?’ We have been busy exploring what the word creation means and how we feel if someone was to break a creation we had made.

We have been loving taking part in Science lessons.  We have been learning the names of various materials and we have all become great scientists when identifying different materials around the classroom. Look at the picture of our working wall for Science and you can see how busy we have been identifying materials. 

Lastly, it was so lovely to see so many parents at the Year 1 parents meeting this week. 

We hope to continue with our brilliant learning over the year. Please follow @Bogushmiss on twitter to see some of the exciting things we get up to.

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