Modern Languages in Y4

Year 4 Beam class had tremendous fun this week discovering greetings and short phrases in an impressive range of Modern Languages. The Beams were excited to discover that between them, they spoke over 12 Modern Foreign Languages,  and that many of them master more than 2 languages, in addition to English. 
On Monday, the children themselves became teachers and told their peers how to say “Hello” and “Good morning” in their own languages.  Throughout the rest of the week, we varied the language in which we take the morning register in (usually French). Mixing Pashtu,  Swahili,  Romanian or Italian greetings with our usual French descriptions for packed lunches and red, yellow and green meals did get a little confusing at times, but all of the Beams rose to the challenge and were keen to step out of their comfort zone. 
A warm thank you to our Languages teacher Mrs Ribeiro for her fantastic preparation and support, which really helped us celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity in our classroom!

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