Modern Foreign Languages at Central


Year 1 has started the new unit in French about fruits and vegetables. They will learn  to name, describe and say if they like them or not.

To help them memorise the key vocabulary they have been learning the song “J’aime les fruits”, which they seemed to really enjoy.

Year 2 will be learning about the classroom environment in French. Children have started to learn the name of school equipment and they will learn to say common sentences used in class. They will also be able to write the full date in French. This will enable them to understand instructions in French and to improve their oracy skills as the language immersion will increase throughout the year. They will also be given their first French notebook, which they will keep until year 6.

Year 3 will explore the theme ‘My family and I’ in French this half term. They will learn to describe  and talk about themselves. This is a great opportunity to develop their oracy skills in French and to learn more about each other.

Year 4 has started the new unit “ma routine quotidienne” and will learn about the time, the weather and how to describe what we do on a typical day. To practice we will write a diary and a rhyming poem. At the moment they are revising how to read and tell the time on an analogue clock.

Year 5 is learning about schools in this French unit. They have started by learning the places in school and will then learn the subjects taught and the time.  They will practice by describing their daily routine at school. They will also revise how to give and justify an opinion in both spoken and written work.

Year 6, this half term, will be learning about health and wellbeing. They will learn to name the different body parts, to explain what injury they have and  look at the different sections of an hospital in French. They will practice with a roleplay at the doctor’s. This unit teaches very useful information for those who travel to French speaking countries.


Year 1 has started to learn the name of body parts in Spanish. They will also learn about the gender of words. To practice the new vocabulary we have been learning the song “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” and played “Simon says” in Spanish.

Year 2 has started to learn about farm animals. We will practice by naming, counting and describing farm animals. To finish the unit, children will do a little craft activity by making a little book about farm animals.

Year 3 will be learning about pets this half term. We will build on our description vocabulary and further practice the agreement of adjectives with the noun in spoken and written work.

To practice the vocabulary we will use the song “¿Tienes una mascota?”

Year 4 has started to learn the name of various sports and will practice giving an opinion in Spanish. This will include how to use the present tense to say and record sentences. In this unit about sports students will focus on learning new vocabulary and linking it to their prior knowledge od Spanish.

Year 5, this half term, will revise the body parts previously learnt and will extend their vocabulary in order to say how they feel and where they hurt themselves. In this unit “it hurts”, we will explore the relation between health, food and physical activity and explore some of the Spanish culture notably the fiesta of San Fermín with its running of the bulls.

Year 6, in this unit of work “Dibujar con palabras”, will revise all the vocabulary and grammar rules they have learnt so far in Spanish. To practice they will create an art piece by writing a calligram about a theme of their choice.

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