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This term, in Spanish, Year 2 learnt about Christmas traditions in Spain. They explored the main differences between English and Spanish culture.  We practiced naming family members and common presents by writing a letter to Santa in Spanish and we then decorated a Christmas tree and described the number of baubles used and their colours. Finally we learnt the Spanish Christmas song “Felix Navidad”

In this half term’s unit of work “Yo”, Year 3 learnt the names of various family members and how to describe the colour of eyes and hair. We practiced our knowledge by playing “Guess who” and we will now learn to present ourselves in Spanish by saying our name, age, number of siblings if any and describe our physical appearance in an oracy task.

In Spanish, year 4 explored the music suite “The Carnival of the Animals” by the composer Camille Saint-Saëns. They then learnt about animals and their habitats. Finally, they practiced all their knowledge acquired in this unit by writing a fact file about an animal in Spanish.

Year 5, this half term, explored the solar system. They looked at the different planets and learnt to describe its colour, size, speed and temperature. They have created their own planet and are now describing it. 


This half term, Year 6 is working on the book “Frida Kahlo y sus animalitos”. Therefore they learnt about the life and work of the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. They had the freedom to record their findings and do a fact file in any form of their choice, then they wrote their own short version of the story using their grammar knowledge of adjective agreement and past tense. 


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