Message from Miss Rieger

Dear Beam class children, dear parents/carers,
What a strange time this is! I cannot begin to tell you how I miss seeing your faces every morning, hearing your stories, listening to the  ideas and questions you have, learning with and from you, and watching you play. Every time I see the rabbits run around their enclosure, I think of all of you racing around the playground during PE or at play-time. I still cannot believe how fast you all are! Over these last few weeks with a small group of children in school, I have realised that I really need to practice my skills on the monkey bars and equipment. Hopefully we will all be back soon, so that you can teach me.
I am incredibly proud of how hard you are working at home and of how you are coping at this uncertain time. I know this is all very odd and even difficult and that not seeing your friends must be very hard. 
As teachers, every day, we try to have answers to everything: we tell you what to do and not to do, ask you questions to see if you know  or if you can work out the answers for yourselves . Right now, neither the teachers nor your adults have answers to your questions about when all this is going to end. Perhaps the most frustrating thing-certainly for me- is that right now, I cannot help you make more sense of the world we live in. Normally, it is my role to help you try to do that and, for no fault of my own, I am unable to do that right now. This is hard for me and no doubt it is also tricky for the adults around you at home. 
 I do not know when we will all be back together. What I do know is that we will get through this phase and that it will become nothing but a memory some time soon.  And I also know that in the meantime, you will continue to bring happiness to your families at home, work hard, smile, play and laugh as much as you can and that you will come out of it all stronger, having learned about patience and resilience. We adults are learning this with you. 
I miss you terribly and am so proud of all you are doing, achieving and being at home. Keep checking the website and twitter (@MissRieger1 and @CentralPrimary) for updates from us all.
See you all soon and keep smiling and washing those hands 🙂
Miss Rieger

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