Meet Snuggles, the Year 4 rabbit

Last week, Year 4 were surprised to come into school and find that they had a new classmate with four legs and two long ears! 
“Snuggles”, the rabbit, returned home with Miss Rieger after what was meant to be an exploratory visit to a petshop.  She had been abandoned outside of a pet shop in a box overnight. Despite her sad circumstances, Snuggles is a friendly and sociable rabbit who did not take long to venture out of her enclosure and explore her new surroundings. She loves being stroked, cabbage and dried dandelion leaves. 
Your children are showing much love and respect towards Snuggles already, and did a fantastic job at giving her privacy during her first days at school, to allow her to settle in and get used to her new environment before being handled.
Snuggles will be in school for at least 4 days every week, and children from both Year 4 classes will be given opportunities to spend time with her in small groups during break and lunchtime session. There will also be a Rabbit Club, and details will be announced later this week.
We would like to thank you and your children in welcoming Snuggles to Central Primary School and Year 4.

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