Marvellous Maths happening at Central!



We have now been at school three full weeks and loads of learning has taken place in our classrooms. At the start of the year, in most year groups, we focus on some main important topics such as Number Fluency, Place Value, Addition and Subtraction.


Throughout the school, we have been impressed by the children’s efforts and children’s reflection. 

We can see this in how children assess themselves when marking their work with their blue pen.  

Teachers have also been working incredibly hard to support the children’s needs in the classroom through teaching Maths with a concrete-visual-abstract approach. This approach allows children to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts. This has been done by using concrete resources (such as Diennes, number frames or counters), visuals models (such as cherry models) and providing scaffolding on their books, so the children are independent and they can learn as much as possible.






Not only teachers will follow a concrete-visual-abstract approach to their teaching, we also structure our lessons in a way that is progressive and and challenging for all pupils, following our model of ‘Practice’, ‘Consolidate’, ‘Revise’ and ‘Apply’.  With this approach, we also ensure that we fill gaps in learning, spot potential and frequent misconceptions, and work on reasoning every day.


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