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Maple class have been really enjoy their Art learning this week. They are learning about the artist Andy Goldsworthy. They has to find resources from the playground to make a collage. They worked in groups of four to make these wonderful collages. Great teamwork Maple class.













In Science, pupils are learning about the season of winter. Children had to sort through different items and decide if they were to be worn in winter or not winter. 
“Miss Sandhu I know that I cannot wear flip flops in winter because my feet would become frozen”.
The children enjoyed sorting the pictures into the correct categories.English

In English, this week Maple class have been making a plan of their own story. They had to create their own good and bad characters and decide what the houses would be made from. They then had to write a 5-part story using their own ideas on a planning sheet.Maths

In maths, this week Maple class have been learning the topic of one more and one less. They have been using key Maths vocabulary such as greater than, equal to and less than. They have been using number lines and counters to help them jump forwards for one more and backwards for one less. They were given large numbers and we made a human number line. Children has to put themselves in the correct place using the key maths vocabulary words. 



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