Making Naan Bread in Year 3

This term, Year 3 children have been learning about Indian food. After hours of discussions, planning and gathering ideas of how to make the bread, we finally got to the day of actual cooking.
For this lesson, we had the amazing opportunity to learn from an authentic Indian lady, Mrs Babbar, proper techniques of how to manipulate the dough and form the flat round shape.
The pupils started by mixing the chapatti flour, some salt and water using their clean hands. Once they obtained the right consistency of the dough, they rolled it into a large ball.
They shared the dough between themselves, each of them taking a small amount of dough and flattening down. For this step, they used two techniques: the rolling pin or simply their hands.
We fried the thin and soft naan shaped dough with close supervision!
The result was absolutely ‘scrumptious’!
We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and admiring the photos, as much as we did cooking Naan Bread!

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