LGBT+ History Month

February is LGBT+ History month. This month marks the progress we have made throughout history for the equal rights and acceptance of LGBT+ identities. It also enables us to reflect and consider how we can be more inclusive.

At Central Primary School, we are so proud to have a diverse, vibrant community. We are fully committed to ensuring everyone feels accepted into our community and we are proud to teach our children about a range of identities, beliefs and families. We firmly believe that our children should learn to accept others and this is reflected in our diverse and enriching curriculum full of endless opportunities.

The theme this year of Body, Mind and Spirit has provided us with much opportunity to explore the complexities of who we are and what we can aspire to be. There is even a chance for pupils to design the LGBT+ History Month logo and badge for 2022, taking their own place in LGBT+ History!

This year it has been slightly different as this has mostly been celebrated and  taught online. Nonetheless, teachers have been working very hard to ensure that their classes still celebrate this important event. Some of the highlights were: listening to a range of stories, learning about members of the LGBT+ community that have made History, making rainbow flags and having discussions during the class Google Meets.

Behind the scenes, Mr Beach has recently rewritten the Equalities and Values policy and we look forward to sharing these with you soon. He is also excited to be giving local teachers training on equality and diversity and sharing all of the amazing, inclusive practice we offer at Central Primary School!

Well done everyone for your fabulous work to celebrate LGBT+ History Month!

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