Letter from the Headteacher

Dear Parents/ Carers,

The end of the school year is always a whirlwind in school, you see if coming in the distance for months and suddenly the last few days whizz by and it is the final day of Summer Term and everyone is about to embark on a new adventure – a holiday or a move to a new school.

I have taught the current Year 6 pupils regularly over the years that they have been at Central Primary School and while I am sad to see them leave Central, I know that every single one of them has learnt, developed and grown as a person during their time with us. Our final celebrations with Year 6 in their leaving assembly and brunch are always wonderful ways to say goodbyes. This year is particularly poignant as we say goodbye to the last sibling of some family groups who have been regulars on the Central Primary playground for the last decade and longer.

As with every year this year we are saying goodbye to some of our beloved teachers. Mrs Grigorjevs, Ms Horbury, Miss Davies, Miss Taylor, Miss Lawrence, Miss Maclean, Ms Ahmed, Mrs Wilcox, Miss Moss, and Miss D’Souza are leaving Central this year.

Miss Moss leaves Central after working here for the past 10 years. Everyone who has had their child taught by Miss Moss will know that they have been very lucky. She is persistently kind with a beautiful warm manner with all children. There are few people who persist as a child’s favourite teacher overtime as Miss Moss. Personally, I am losing a colleague who I value massively. From the day I started at Central Miss Moss has supported me to help grow and develop the school and I will be forever grateful. Thank you Miss Moss; we will miss you.

Miss D’Souza has always been a ball of energy and laughter. She never fails to raise a smile across the school and her wonderful personality has enriched the lives of everyone she has worked with. Many of your children will have had Miss D’Souza teach them in Nursery and she always helped our children start their Central journeys with such positivity. Thank you Miss D’Souza.

Mrs Wilcox will not be returning to Central following her maternity leave. Instead she has set up her own company working as a consultant for English. For those of you that have had children taught by Mrs Wilcox you will know that she is a phenomenal teacher of English. She makes learning to write a beautiful art-form. Mrs Wilcox is also an excellent teacher of lots of other subjects, but her classes will undoubtedly remember her PE lessons. We will miss you Mrs Wilcox.

Mrs Grigorjevs is another person who has inspired the children she has taught. Mrs Grigorjevs will be moving to Nottingham to take up her new job where she will be much nearer her family. Mrs Grigorjevs always raised the expectations pupils had of themselves and what they could achieve. One of my lasting memories of Miss Grigorjevs was when she taught the children how to share their thanks with each other, and this has endured with these children ever since. Thank you Mrs Grigorjevs.

Miss Taylor has bought so much to our school. She arrived as a student teacher in 2014 and never left. Since she arrived she has delivered spectacular performances across the school, taught the children to believe in themselves and inspired our pupils to explore their ideas creatively through a whole range of art forms. Miss Taylor has never been afraid of a challenge and has been a constant supporter of Central Primary in everything that we have explored over the years. Thank you Miss Taylor.

Miss Davies has a special affinity with pupils. She is able to help them realised their own potential. She is wonderfully patient and kind with them and she has been a wonderful teacher in Forest Class. What Miss Davies does exceptionally well is build the small-steps in learning that enable all pupils to learn really effectively. Thank you Miss Davies and good luck in Birmingham.

Ms Horbury has always had high expectations of everyone she has worked with. She always rose to the challenge of supporting pupils believe in themselves and worked with children to help them believe that they could do things that they initially found challenging. I know Ms Horbury’s school will be very lucky to have her.

Miss Maclean comes to life as a teacher when teaching PE and her cheerleading club was a star attraction on the club rota in the summer term. Beloved by Pear Class, Miss Maclean will be missed and we hope she will come back to visit.

Ms Ahmed who has worked part time in our Nursery Class has grown and developed the support that we give children when they start at Central. Her passion for Makaton and pupils signing will be a lasting memory for all the staff and pupils who have worked with her. We will miss you Ms Ahmed and we will miss you delicious cakes.

Miss Lawrence only joined Central this year, but we are very grateful for all her work this year in Year 5 and Year 2. Excitingly, Miss Lawrence is going to be starting her teacher training in September, so we wish her the best of luck.

It is always hard to capture in goodbyes the impact all of the staff have had on the whole school. Central Primary would not be what it is today without the contributions of each of these individuals.

For those of you leaving Central, staff, pupil or parent/ carer, this year, thank you for being part of our community. Please don’t be a stranger; we would love to hear how you are getting on in the future.

For those of your coming back in September. Have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 4th September.

Dr John Mynott

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